Funny / The Brothers Garcia

  • Sonia getting incredibly into the wrestling match she takes Larry to see.
    Sonia: Use the Robo Space Claw!!!
    • Lorenna also gets really into the match once Larry tells her the storyline - remarking how similar it is to her novellas.
  • Lorenna's description of Telenovellas are downright hilarious. Then again, they are known to be quite funny.
  • Lorenna spends one whole episode hoping to get the part of Mother Mary in the church play, including sucking up to the Bishop Sanchez when he comes around for dinner. Then at the end of the episode she storms into the living room holding a crook and angrily saying "I did NOT want the part of a shepherd". Ray asks the boys if they want to congratulate her. They hold their expressions for a moment before bursting out laughing and saying "Baaaaaaaah!".
    • Earlier in the episode, Sonia makes a big deal about preparing for the Bishop coming to dinner. She makes sure the living room is spotless and even rehearses a welcoming routine for him. Larry and George of course let the school armadillo out and have to chase it all around the room. A man walks into the chaos and Sonia angrily says "What do you want!" - and he introduces himself as the Bishop. Sonia does a rather weak attempt at her previous welcoming routine.
  • Ray gets sick of the children not knowing enough about the world around them and orders them to look up current events to report to him at the breakfast table. The day after this, as he's sitting down to breakfast, the children each steal one of the sections from him. Be Careful What You Wish For indeed.
  • Carlos casually telling Sonia about his father getting a speeding ticket and Sonia's immediate angry "RAY!"
  • Larry accidentally feeds a dinner guest stuff he's allergic to and freaks out spectacularly.
    Larry: Quick! Somebody get the stomach pump!
    George: We don't have a stomach pump.
    Carlos: All we have is a bicycle pump.
    Larry: Well get it anyway!
  • Ray is suffering from a toothache but tries to sneak a sweet from the cupboard. As he winces in pain, Sonia walks in and he immediately tries to cover it up as a Dance of Romance. Sonia isn't fooled.
  • In the Lent episode...
    Larry: I had some pudding today!
    Lorenna: I talked to a boy!
    George: I raided the Galaxy!
    Sonia: And I bought a really expensive pair of shoes today.
    Everyone looks at her blankly
    Ray: What does that have to do with Lent?
    Sonia: Well I just feel really bad about it.
  • Ray's Skewed Priorities in the episode where Carlos takes money from school kids in exchange for inviting them to dinner and them eating his mother's cooking. When he's found out, Sonia is lecturing him about lying and abusing her but Ray is just ranting about how hungry he was every night.
    • Carlos's punishment for this is to cook dinner for the family. He produces a blackened chicken and Ray asks "when does this punishment end?" - and Sonia replies "tomorrow".
    • When Sonia makes Carlos return all the money he made from his little scheme, once Carlos leaves, she looks at the handful of money and says "Niiiiiice".
  • Carlos spiking his hair up is given triumphant orchestral music. Cut to Lorenna banging on the bathroom door.
    "You've been in there for my entire novella!"
  • When Lorenna is trying to break the world record for the longest time spent watching novellas, she has a commissioner who has to sit there and watch her the whole time. Which she does, without moving or blinking. Ray waves his hand in front of her eyes - and gets a sudden "Don't do that!" - without the woman moving.