* The scene where Sally Spectra gives Stephanie Forrester a new haircut while they are both drunk.
* When Brooke is ousted as CEO of Forrester Creations, Stephanie brings cleaning men into Brooke's office to clear it out. Under her direction, one of the cleaning men actually picks Brooke up and stuffs her in the trash!
* After Eric dumps Stephanie for Donna and is subsequently dismissed from the company, Stephanie shows up at Forrester Creations in Donna's office. When Donna calls security on Stephanie, the security officers who arrive ''refuse'' to follow Donna's orders and even apologize to Stephanie as they leave!!
* The scene where [[spoiler:Deacon nearly kills Quinn]] is very, very tense. The scene ''after'' [[spoiler:Ridge bursts in and saves her, and everyone shows up, leading to everyone screaming at each other and Deacon trying to justify his actions, including bringing up what happened between himself and Quinn]], is surprisingly hilarious.
* Bill, about Quinn, to their son Wyatt: "I don't hate your mother." ''({{beat}})'' "...As much as I used to."
* Shirley tells the second Sally Spectra to pursue Liam. Sally objects, on the grounds that Liam's married. Shirley replies, "So? The Forresters never stay married for long!" [[JerkassHasAPoint She's not wrong.]]
** And later, this:
-->'''Sally:''' Look, Grams, I know you would love for me to have a sugar daddy, but he's ''married''.\\
'''Shirley:''' When somebody wonderful is married to somebody terrible, we classify that as ''not yet divorced''.
* Wyatt. Katie. ''Erotic roleplay''. HilarityEnsues, so much, that it becomes a minor RunningGag. And then Thorne shows up unannounced at Katie's house while she's expecting Wyatt, and she answers the door in skimpy lingerie. Oops!