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Funny: The Blob
1958 version
  • Jane hears a dog barking in the distance.
    Jane: I bet there is a house somewhere.
    Mooch: (laughs) It doesn't sound like a house. It sounds like a dog.
  • Anything little Danny Martin does something that isn't a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Like "guarding his parents", he may not know what he's guarding them from, but he's going to do the best he can at it.
  • "All right, Steve. You made us waste our 80 cents, now what gives?"
    • It's so nice to know where your priorities are pal.
  • Sgt. Bert gives us a nice and cheerful greeting as he comes out of the market where Steve told everyone the Blob was.
  • When the heroes set off every alarm in town, there's a brief shot of a man trying to decide which of his helmets to put on: fireman or air raid warden.
  • When you watch that doctor... first he pokes around and does nothing while the poor old man is getting eaten alive, and then he abandons his poor nurse in a room with the Blob — when he knows just how dangerous it is! What an Idiot! When he gets eaten it's graveyard humor at its finest.

1980's version

  • There's a large number of funny lines in this film.
    • "Wait a season ended months ago!"
  • The bit of Gallows Humor from Flagg after they try and fail to blow up the blob.
  • While it is horrifying, there's something darkly humorous about the guy being sucked through the sink drain.
  • One word: "Ribbed."
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