Funny / The Big Country

  • The whole fuss over Jim Mckay's "Eastern Style" hat.
    Steve Leech: I don't know that I would wear that hat too long around here, Mr. Mckay.
    Jim Mckay: Oh, why not?
    Steve Leech: Oh, one of these wild cowboys might take it into their head to shoot it off ya.
    • We find out later that particular hat is quite possibly tougher than it looks.
  • When Jim got into the idea of riding the horse Old Thunder. Ramón's reactions really make it worth watching.
    Mckay: Any advice?
    Ramón: Yes... Don't do it!
    • After Mckay final wears down Old Thunder Ramón throws his hat into the air dancing and starts to cheer in Spanish. I have no clue what he's saying but it's hilarious to watch.
  • There is only one line of the Major's that ever got this troper to laugh, and that would be immediately after Ramón trying to explain what McKay told him in an effort to assure Patricia and her father that McKay won't get lost.
    Ramón: He got a funny watch! (meaning a compass)
    Major Terrill: Ramón, you're an idiot!