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Funny: The Big Chill
  • Everyone (except Chloe) snarking on Sam's show "J.T. Lancer" when it comes on.
    Sarah: (in deep voice) Say, baby, let's eat.
  • The whole scene of Nick interviewing himself. Even better when Harold walks in on it:
    Nick: Harold, we're on the air!
    Harold: Oh! Sorry.
  • This conversation between Harold and Karen while they're stoned:
    Karen: I know that Richard (her husband) will always be faithful to me.
    Harold: That's nice. You trust.
    Karen: (shakes her head) Fear of herpes.
  • Sam walks in on Nick watching a movie on TV in the middle of the night:
    Sam: What's this?
    Nick: I'm not sure.
    Sam: What's it about?
    Nick: I don't know.
    Sam: Who's that?
    Nick: I think the guy in the hat did something terrible.
    (shot of TV shows a man being thrown through the glass window of a door; all the people on the TV screen are wearing hats)
  • Sam, Harold, Meg, Michael and Karen are sitting around talking.
    Sam: In Hollywood, I don't know who to trust. I don't know who likes me or why they even do like me.
    Harold: Well you don't have that problem here. (Sam smiles) You know I don't like you.
    Michael: Me neither.
    Meg: Ditto.
    Sam: Assholes!
  • Sam trying and failing to leap into his car like he does on his TV show

BigFunny/FilmThe Big Country

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