!![[Series/TheAvengers The British TV series]]
* In "The Curious Case of the Countless Clues", the SherlockHolmes {{Expy}} falls for the false clues left by the killers, while Steed remains less than convinced.
-->'''Steed''': And clumsy.\\
'''Sir Arthur Doyle''': Clumsy?\\
'''Steed''': Well look around, [[GenreSavvy they've left everything except their name and address]].
* In "Death at Bargain Prices," Emma Peel is working undercover as a department store clerk:
-->'''Steed''': I asked the chief predator where to find you and he said, "Our Mrs. Peel is in ladies' underwear." I rattled up the stairs three at a time.
* In "The Danger Makers," Emma receives a box of chocolates from a suspect in the case, and Steed treats it as if it is a bomb:
-->'''Steed''': ''(after carefully opening the box with a knife and tweezers)'' Ah, thought so.
-->'''Mrs. Peel''': Booby trapped?
-->'''Steed''': ''(gingerly removing a wrapped piece with the tweezers)'' Whatever you do, don't touch the wrapped ones.
-->'''Mrs. Peel''': Why not?
-->'''Steed''': Because I like them. ''(he pops it in his mouth as Emma slams the box shut)''

!![[ComicBook/TheAvengers The American superhero comic]]
[[caption-width-right:299:Not exactly Wonder Man's finest hour. Yes, he's the one at the left. And no, he's not being mind-controlled: he's just short of money, and took the only job he could get]]
* In the current run issue 2, Steve and Tony are recruiting members for the new incarnation.
** They offer Wolverine beer (itself a RunningGag about the character in other titles).
** They offer Spider-Man money. His reaction: "Oh, thank God." while he's hugging Iron Man.
** They offer the Falcon "[[RuleOfThree I dunno... birdseed?]]"
** [[NewMutants Cannonball and Sunspot]] are chilling on a beach, insisting on retiring from heroics. The moment Cap calls, they're in.
* During ComicBook/TheKorvacSaga, the Avengers had to deal with the ObstructiveBureaucrat Henry Peter Gyrich, who revoked their special priority. Even so, they have finally located the enemy: he's in a house in Forest Hills Gardens. Now, to get there...
-->'''Iron Man:''' A good question, Wasp! With our Avengers Priority revoked, we can't use the Quinjets! And since some of us can't fly, we'll just have to wing it another way! '''AVENGERS ASSEMBLE'''... uh... on the corner, outside.
** So, all the Avengers go to the battle for the destiny of the universe... [[http://www.blastoffcomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/So-Many-Avengers.jpg on bus]].
* Wonder Man's first attempt as an actor was a complete disaster. Without a job, he accepted to take part in a secret production, that he's not in the liberty to talk about. Excuses, excuses: the Beast discovered his "secret production" while changing TV channels. Wonder Man works as "Mr. Muscles" in a children's TV show. He took a boy, and he fell to the ground. The TV host told he must be punished for being a DumbMuscle... with a PieInTheFace. Fortunately (for him) Captain America interrupted the TV to issue a warning about an upcoming emergency. Beast: "Jesus, Cap, do you have any idea of what have you just interrupted?"
* In a Christmas special featuring the New Avengers, the team ends up stopping an Ultron android that had been altered to also act like Santa Claus. When the team finds out about the troubled girl who did this, they resolve to give her a better Christmas. During their visit, Spidey attempts to start a speech, realizes he's horrible at speeches, then drags Cap over to do the speech instead.
** The whole special is great. Especially when "Santron" drops into the chimney, the party goes silent, except for an extremely well-timed "[[LukeCageHeroForHire Sweet Christmas.]]"
* In KellySueDeconnick's first issue of Avengers Assemble, SpiderWoman used her pheromone powers to get the Hulk to make her a sandwich. [[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v255/blinkytreefrog/Avengers11.jpg Observe the magic.]]
* In the first issue of ''The Amazing Spider-Man'' following the ''ComicBook/SuperiorSpiderMan'' storyline, Spidey has an OutOfClothesExperience. Which is then broadcast over the internet. Spider-Woman concludes that she is certain Parker is back, because that kind of thing could [[ButtMonkey only happen to him]].
* One issue has most of the team sitting through an award ceremony for Captain America.... except that the they're all completely bored out of their minds. When its pointed out that Iron Man is the only one sitting attentively and showing respect... there's a closeup and snoring is coming from the suit.
* In one of the ''OriginalSin'' tie-in issues, the Avengers jump 5000 years into the future and meet up with an older and immortal Franklin Richards. He seems to be the last hero from the current era left alive and he lives on a floating island with a massive tree in the middle. After the Avengers leave, Franklin says something seemingly to himself... and then the tree [[spoiler:responds, I AM GROOT]]. Guess he wasn't the last hero after all.
* '''Hawkeye:''' Attention! This is my xmas arrow! When it hits you, it will open a gift! Hey, look, they run away as if they don't believe me! Ooops! It was another of my explosive arrows! Well, everybody makes mistakes!
* In West Coast Avengers Annual #1, the Avengers are on the run after being framed for treason, with the initial hearing stating one of their own sold them out. The active members are gathering up the reserves to find the identity of the traitor. Hercules goes to collect Thor, who yells at him for stopping to grab a bucket of fried chicken before returning to the others.
-->'''Hercules''': It has been a long night, Thor! I need strength to exact revenge!
-->'''Thor''': I need strength to deal with ''thee''!

!![[Film/TheAvengers2012 The Marvel Cinematic Universe film]]
See [[Funny/TheAvengers2012 here]].