Funny / The Authority

The Comic Book

  • From the "lost arc" featuring the "G7 Authority" that was installed after Seth defeated the originals: The Surgeon(The Doctor's counterpart), after invading the collective human consciousness (aka Garden of Ancestral Memory), proceeds to create a new religion, one that is more... let's say... commercially aligned. The result is a hilarious creature/god that looks like a mix of Krishna, a putti, and Pikachu. Its name: Religimon!
  • When the Authority are relating one of their adventures to the toddler, Jenny Q, they mention that a monster nearly ate Midnighter. Jenny remarks in disgust:
    Jenny: Yuck! Who'd want to eat Daddy?
    Cut to Apollo giving Midnighter a suggestive smirk.
  • But the smile on the Midnighter's face as he smashes the carrier into Kaizen Gamorra's tower is just priceless.
    Midnighter: I love being me.
  • The Kev miniseries is a marvel of Black Comedy. Stupid Crooks interrupting their own raid due to Django Unchained-esque argument? Check.High-up government officials caught with their pants down? Check. Poisoning a (different) government official with... material on-hand? Check.
    • The thing with the tiger...