Funny / The Artist

  • Around the beginning of the film, you can see a sign backstage in the theatre that reads "Performers must remain silent when behind the screen."
  • "Bang!" It comes off as a most welcomed tension reliever, given the scene it happens in.
  • The early sequence where George is letting Uggie take his bow instead of bringing on the female lead, including a certain one-finger gesture from her.
  • George's wife defacing all the photographs of him in magazines.
  • "I saw Tears of Love..." "Did you come for a refund?"
  • Last line of Tears of Love: "Goodbye, Norma. I never loved you," as George's character sinks into quicksand.
  • "I'm blackmailing you! Get it?"
  • When George accidentally fires the gun and shoots the floor and the sound scares Jack so much that he faints.
    • He didn't faint - he did his trick of 'playing dead'. One has to marvel at how a dog knew the exact right thing to do to defuse the rather tense situation.