* In "Gonna Getcha," Dag tries to discover Norb's dastardly plans for him by [[PaperThinDisguise disguising himself]] as Barry.
-->'''Norb''': Who is it?!\\
'''Dag''': It's Daggett! I mean, no it's not, it's Barry, I mean...[[UnusualEuphemism spoot!]]
* The entirety of "The Day the Earth Got Really Screwed Up." From its AffectionateParody of old B-movies to the comedic mileage gotten from the characters' DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment and {{Metaphorgotten}}, everything was hilarious.
** The increasingly absurd StockFootage representing the army attacking the monsters. To quote the trope page: "planes taking off, tanks driving away, navy vessels sailing on the sea, cavalry riding across the screen, sumo warriors struggling, baby turtles running across the beach, and Zulu warriors cheering. In that order." In a BrickJoke, the Zulu warriors are seen cheering again when the narrator announces that the BigBad has been defeated.
** To cap it off, General Warning who ordered the attack on the BigBad, FailedASpotCheck on how close the monster was to his own proximity and [[ThisIsGonnaSuck saw the incoming fire]]. His reaction? Take off his cap, put on his helmet and take cover.
** Taluca Lake frequently getting injured, including managing to break one ankle, then the other, then ''both'' at the same time, while running from the Crawling Spleen.
--->'''Daggett''': Why don't we just cut the darn things off?
** The alien monster's declaration of his growing strength:
--->'''Alien''' (''gravelly''): I am becoming ever more powerful!
--->'''Taluca Lake and Man Servante''': What?
--->'''Alien''' (''clearer and more impatient''): ''I am becoming ever more powerful!''
--->'''Taluca Lake and Man Servante''': Oh.
** "Shoot the, shoot the little missile thingies at it and then make it go away!"
* In "Up All Night", Daggett tries to do a prank call. Not only does he botch the punch line, but Norb sets him up to call their mother:
-->'''Daggett''': Hey, chicken-neck, you should wear a sweater!
-->'''Mom''': Dagget, is that you?
** Everything in that episode is genius. From "Eat ball, ratface!" to Norb and Dag collapsing into hysterical laughter over thinking the monster from "The Crawling Spleen" was in their house, to the end of "Dag...''how long have we been awake?!''" is gold.
** The fact that Norb and Dag look like they're ''high'' when they're LaughingMad from lack of sleep.
* The sequel "Up All Night 2: Up All Day: The Reckoning". It perfectly squeezes the sense of your brain stopping to work properly when you're tired and creates a short animated episode full of ingeniously absurd dialogue out of it.
** Daggett's idea to get to sleep is counting sheep. Instead of counting the sheep himself, he takes the idea literally as he has a whole bunch of sheep counting numbers aloud.
* The entirety of "Three Dag Night". Cloning yourself has never been so hilariously fun!
** Ominous-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
*** .......................Omnious-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
*** ..............................................Ominous-eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
** [[{{Earworm}} E-Z Clone, E-Z Clone! First there's one...]] It's so catchy even Norbert sings it at one point.
* All of "The Big Frog", where after Norbert snaps at Daggett to grow up and stop playing with his baby bunny dolls lest he'll embarrass them. Strangely, Daggett shrugs and complies... and the next scene has him acting like a BumblingDad, with over-the-top clothing trends (such as many reading glasses and pants tied up above his waist) and doing all sorts of 'mature adult' things like getting Norb to eat his stew instead of chips (healthy food), swinging his golf club to work while saying any number but 'four' as he leaves, and literally 'bringing home the bacon'. It's breaking down Norb's normally cool and collected persona... and WORKING.
** And much later, Norb starts regressing to a childlike state and playing with Dag's bunny dolls, to which Dag joins in and pretty much states he was doing the whole thing ''on purpose'' just to mess with Norb.
* "There's an alien invasion in the bathroom!"
* Dag's "hook" persona in "Things That Go Hook in the Night". With such tidbits as "Not sharp enough! NOT SHARP ENOUGH! Try it on him! You'll see! YOU'LL SEE!" And:
-->'''Dag/"Hook"''': Sing with us! Sing with us, silly beaver! Sing "The Happy Hook Song!"
** The fact that Norbert tried to scare Daggett with scary ghost story, only for his simple questions to apply InUniverse FridgeHorror to him. In short, it backfired and Norby's the scared one.
* The ending of "Moby Dopes", with a brutally funny LampshadeHanging: "Where in the name of DeusExMachina [[AlwaysABiggerFish did that T. rex come from!?]]"
-->(''Dag stops in shock'')\\
'''Norbert:''' DAG!\\
'''Daggett:''' Well, uh, remember last week...\\
'''Norbert:''' Yes?\\
'''Daggett:''' ..when we went to Paleozoic Park?\\
'''Norbert:''' Yes.\\
'''Daggett:''' He, uh...\\
'''Norbert:''' (in realization) No...\\
'''Daggett:''' ...kinda...\\
'''Norbert:''' (in horror) No!\\
'''Daggett:''' ...followed me home.\\
'''Norbert:''' Oh no...\\
(''T. rex roars at the beavers'')\\
'''Daggett:''' I sure wish I'd gotten around to training him, though.
* Every appearance of (Dag dressed up as) Muscular Beaver, and the sheer havoc it brings. His apparent superpowers and gadgets are downright wacky even for a superhero, and Dag's representations of them become simply uproarious, from the Cloak of Limited Visibility (conveyed by Dag pretending to hold it up and make "vveeerrreerreerr" noises) to his Razor-Sharp Wondrous...''FUR OF STEEL!'' (one extra-long hair sticking out from his chest). Dag singing heroic music as he "flies" around tops it off perfectly.
* The later half of "Chocolate Up to Experience" where Dag is forced to sell a single chocolate bar for $200 all the while Norb gorges himself on a warehouse full of chocolate. As Dag receives physical injuries Norb sends him IceCreamKoan messages about being a good salesman, until Dag finally gets fed up after receiving one about quilting that makes no sense at all. When Dag actually does make enough money, he asks Norb when he's going to get his quilt. Norb asks if he'll accept steak knives.
-->'''Daggett''': If customer doesn't want pro-duct, make pro-duct what customer quilt.
* Norbert's ridiculous inspirational speech in "The Loogie Hawk":
-->'''Norbert:''' Think of your dear old mother wearing bologna shoes and corrective headgear. She thinks small animals nest in boxes of tapioca pudding left under the yum-yum tree too long, but that's the way she was raised, mister! Rub ''that'' on your thighs, Mr. Moto, and see how far it'll get ya!
** Also from "The Loogie Hawk", it's clear that Norbert sent Daggett to be the sacrificial lamb to the Hawk while he stayed in the safety of their dam. Yet he's the one that kept getting spat at while Daggett is safe and takes forever to actually bag the bird. Eventually Norbert does it himself, and then says a few choice words to his brother.
--->'''Norbert:''' I ''hate'' you.\\
'''Daggett:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Norb, "hate" is a very strong word...]]
* In "Fish and Dips", Daggett's attempts at capturing the legendary "Old Gramps" include a diving cage. Which drops to sink only as deep as his waist before hitting bottom in a shallow part of the lake.
-->'''Norbert:''' (snickering) Oh, this one's for the refrigerator. (snaps photo)
* That moment in "Dumbwaiters" when Dag seemed to have been seducing Muffy Snootwell while playing the violin, and her husband won't be having none of that.
* The whole episode "Salmon Sez" could go here, but a particularly funny scene has Daggett using boxing gloves, an umpire outfit, and a football helmet to fight the salmon off...[[CurbStompBattle they utterly destroy him seconds after he exits his home]].
* At the end of "Stump Looks for his Roots", Stump has been reunited with his birth parents (who [[spoiler: were used to make a ticket booth and a sign at a carnival]]), and they join Stump in going over some slides with Dagget and Norbert. Then it turns out Norbert slipped in [[EmbarrassingSlide a picture of Dagget picking his nose]], and everyone else has a laugh at Dag's expense, including Stump and his parents [[TalkingWithSigns holding up signs with laughter written on them]].
* Dag's utterly deadpan response to an overly emotional Bing and Norbert hugging him while wracked with grief over their old relationships:
-->'''Dag''': Physical intimacy. How I do loathe it so.
* In "Zooing Time" Dag [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext devours the cabin Abe Lincoln was born in]] and uses Norb as a scapegoat when the authorities come looking for him. Norb is sent to live in a zoo, but it turns out the place is pretty much a five-star resort for animals and Norb has the time of his life. There are a few instances that count as single moments alone:
** The slightly insane zookeeper who frequently talks to a pen he calls Charlton which he keeps in his jacket.
--->'''Zookeeper''': What's that Charlton? (''laughing'') Yes, [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar the beavers are very good at eating wood!]]
** Dag's frequent attempts to break into the zoo to rescue Norb, thinking it's a prison. One attempt leads Dag into the gorilla pen, where he does an angry Charlton Heston impersonation.
--->'''Daggett''': ''[[Film/PlanetOfTheApes1968 Get your stinking paws off me you darn, spooty ape!]]''\\
''(The gorilla proceeds to stuff Dag [[ShoutOut inside a suitcase]] and then repeatedly slam it between two trees)''
** Dag's repeated confessions of his guilt followed by an immediate "I wouldn't admit that in court though."
--->'''Daggett''': I'm guilty! As guilty as a Sasquatch in a pudding factory!\\
'''Norbert''': "Sasquatch in a pudding factory?"
** Dag being forced to act as all the animals that escape from the zoo because of his stupidity, culminating in him dressing in bridal gear and going "[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Woof.]]"
* In "House Sisters" the Beavers are going on vacation and ask their sisters to watch the house for them, and since they can't read decide to make a video for them. Only Dag's ideas for what they can do get more bizarre and manic, before he finally suggests:
-->'''Daggett''': Why don't we have them repaint the living room? I like yellow walls with purple polka dots. And they can finish putting together your super electro gizzer blinky. And why not have a disco ball in the living room? And new bunk beds built out of, of candy corn! And then they can put those little white twinkly lights all around the dam, and clean the barnacles off the bottom of your boat, and drain the pond, strip mine the forest and make it a LANDFILL SITE!\\
'''Norbert''': They're ''just little girls.'' WHY DON'T YOU HAVE THEM RAISE THE TITANIC WHILE WE'RE AT IT?!\\
'''Daggett''': [[HypocriticalHumor Don't be ridiculous. They're just little girls.]]
* Dag's songs in "Sang 'em High".
* After ingesting stupidity potion, Dag got smarter, but Norb got stupid. At the end of the episode, a super intelligent Dag claims he has solved ever mystery in the universe, except that he still doesn't know what happened to Norb. Cut to a scene with Norbert on top of a {{Mayincatec}} pyramid, being fed fruit and being worshipped as a god, with the mantra, "POOPY!!!"
* Dag and Norb's insanely long staring contest, including Dag's frequent attempts at cheating. At one point, Dag has been staring at Norb for so long he hallucinates that Norb has turned into a dancing pickle, and then whips out a guitar and tries to make Norb cry by singing an emotional song. Dag is forced to stop because the last part "Sounds like a bag full of cats gargling razor blades." He then ''eats'' the guitar.
* Norbert ends up thrown out of the house window three times in "Daggy Dearest". All because he tried and failed to get rid of the mongoose baby.
* Big Bunny acting as a bodyguard. "GET DOWN!" ''(slam)''
* In "All in the Colony," Norbert discovers that Daggett [[TooDumbToLive brought termites into their home]] but CannotSpitItOut.
-->'''Norb''': Wait a second! What kind of ants are white? Dag! Tee...torg...teh...ter...[[OhCrap TERMITES]]!
** Norb releases chickens to take care of the termites, but that becomes a separate issue to deal with. And Dag keeps confusing the termites and chickens.
** The Termite Queen wears a tiny crown on her head and carries a little pink purse so you know she's a Queen. [[spoiler: And she tries brainwashing Dag so she can mate with him.]]
* "Chocolate Up to Experience" starts out fairly normal as the beavers attempt to sell Beaver Youth chocolate bars to win a rare curling iron to finish their collection. Once Norb starts getting hooked on eating the bars and gets progressively more obese, his rants on how to be a great salesmen to encourage Dag to sell the last bar start to become more and more absurd {{Non Sequitur}}s until Dag has to sell off the house to make up for the money on the candy bars, leading to this exchange:
-->'''Dag''': Put my name at the top of the board. Now!
-->'''Norb''': Your name's coming off! You're not at the top! And gimme back the steak knives!
-->'''Dag''': Let's talk about it? Let's step over here and talk about it first.
-->'''Dag''': Listen to me! Listen to me! ''I made the product what the customer wanted!'' Please. Please. Don't turn me in.
-->'''Norb''': Ahhhhh! NOOO! My ostrich feather key chain with the matching money clip!
-->'''Dag''': (Getting caught up in the moment) Wait, Wait! I'll split the money with you.
-->'''Norb''': You're old! You should have prepared for your future! You should have bought a mutual fund when you were young! LOOK AT YOU YOU'RE OLD!! And your gonna be on the streets!
-->'''Dag''': No! No! Listen to me.
-->'''Norb''': ''It is over old man.''