Funny: The Alloy of Law

  • Spook's dialect has become High Imperial, the local equivalent of Latin.
  • We have this gem of a conversation when Steris is insisting Wax make smalltalk.
    Wax: I once shot the tail off a dog by mistake. It's kind of a funny story.
    Steris: Shooting dogs is hardly appropriate dinner conversation.
    Wax: I know. Particularly since I was aiming for its balls.
  • Miles, after getting his gun shot out of his hand for the fourth time: "Stop doing that! You bast--"
    • Especially since the curse is cut short by his being shot in the face.
  • Just about anything Wayne says
    • Wax: Logic doesn't work on Wayne.
      Wayne: I bought a ward against it from a traveling fortuneteller, it lets me add two an' two and get a pickle.
      Marasi: I... have no response to that.
      Wayne: Technically, that is a response.
    • Wayne: Now, if you were studying buffoonery and idiotic behavior, that is something we're experts on.
    • Waxillium: Two tripwires, rigged with explosives. Nothing else dangerous that we could find. Other than Wayne's body odor.
      Wayne: That's the smell of incredibleness!
    • Marasi: Wayne?
      Voice from the darkness: He is dead, young lady. I am sorry for your loss.
      Marasi: [gasp of horror]
      Voice from the darkness: Yes, he was simply too handsome, too clever, and too immensely remarkable in all aspects of his existence to allow to live. It took a hundred men to bring him down, and he killed all but one. His last words were "Tell Wax...that he's a total git...and he still owes me five notes.
      Marasi: Wayne!
  • The fact that aluminum's Anti-Magic properties mean that wearing a foil hat to prevent mind control actually works.
  • This conversation after Wax gets injured.
    Wayne: I got quite near my entire rusted back blown off earlier, if you'll kindly remember and I didn't hear nearly an ounce of the sympathy you're showin' him.
    Marasi: That's different.
    Wayne: What? Why? Cuz' I can heal?
    Marasi: No, because even after knowing you only a short time, I'm fairly certain that on one level or another you deserve to get blown up every now and again.
  • After yet another attempt by Wax to get Marasi to stay behind, somewhere safe:
    Wax: You're going home. That is that.
    Marasi: I'm staying. That is that.
    Wayne: I need to get something to eat. Fat is fat.
  • Wayne and Waxillium in a Slider bubble, arguing about how they're going to escape the explosion frozen in time about 10 feet away. While Marasi keeps chanting "It's getting bigger...Guys, it's coming closer...".
  • Wax mentally grumbling that Steris is insane after noticing that she appears to be aroused by flying around.
  • The fact that the two main characters names are a very clever pun. Wax and Wayne.