Funny: The Adventures of Duane & BrandO

  • From theCheetahmen song:
    Cheetahmen, you are my failed expirement!
    So sorry, you don't meet the requirement.
    You're a sign I should have gone into retirement,
    I'll run into you and drain your life of its entirement.
  • From Double Dragon:
    Unlike me, you'd better run; think twice,
    'bout where you're hiding, big cats eat mice.
  • "Where's my shirt... Can't find it... Where... is... my... shirt..."
  • The demo of One-Winged Angel, with the lyrics "I am Sephiroth/I am awesome/You are not/You are emo/I am goth/Just in case/You forgot/I'm SEPHIROTH/SEPHIROTH".
  • "Yeah, Simon Belmont, bitch! Take that shit! Dracula! FUCKER!" The way Duane pronounces "Dracula" and drags out the R at the end of the word "fucker" is priceless.
  • The name's Bubble Man and I've got somethin' to sa--", and Air Man saying "I'm as useless as Bubble Man" shortly later.
    • In the same song, pretty much everything about Flash Man.
    • Also in the same song (at the very end): "Now get on your knees and cry like a lady DEAD...yer mother"
    • Also from the same song, "I'm coming to get you, you German bastard!"
    • Not from the same song, but instead in the LP of Devastation's version of Zelda 2, if you wait till the very end of the song: "I AM ERROR, I GOT NOTHIN' TO SAY." "Dead."
  • "I shit peanuts. I. SHIT. PEANUTS."
  • "When all's said and done, I'm not even getting laid..." and everything after that.
  • Oh shit it's a ghost! NOOOOooooo...
  • Although it seems to have disappeared...
    Batman 1: "I'm Batman."
    Batman 2: "I'M Batman."
    Batman 1: "I am the Bat."
  • Robotnik. Just...Robotnik.
    Robotnik: Well, HRBLRBLBLBBLLLR, it's the egg with the most,
    Doctor RoBLRLBRtnic, Sonic, time to go or you're toast!
    I apPRLBRBRLBR in every act with my Eggman ride,
    New moves, new plan, no place to hi-BRLRBLBLLBR!
  • Another example from the LP of D version of the same song:
    Sonic: Don't you know that you look like a fucking walrus?
    Robotnik: BRLRBLBLLBR!
    Sonic: ...That flies...
  • TheAmazingBrand0's Pokemon rap trolled the YouTube community.
  • From the Action Adventure World Vs. The Plasmas' Metal Gear:
    Snake: Do you see this five o' clock shadow? I shaved an hour ago! That's how much more manly I am than you!
  • In Episode 4 of Brand O's Zelda 3 song, during Link's mushroom-induced hallucination sequence, it quickly cuts back to reality, where Link is repeatedly tripping over himself in the woods while gurgling the Zelda fanfare.
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