Funny / The Abridging of Haruhi Suzumiya

  • A couple wonderful ones in episode 2.
    Haruhi: Ya-hoo-oo!
    Kyon: *thinking* What the hell was that?!
    • And then later...
    Kyon: So I'm guessing it didn't go out too well?
  • Near the end of Episode 3:
    Itsuki: Anyway dude, let me sum it all up for you: I am one of many in a group of espers that believes Miss Suzumiya is God. We are under the impression that what she says and does affects how this world is built, and that just her being bored of this world can wipe out our very existence.
    Kyon: ...You're high, aren't you?
    Itsuki: What are you talking about, giant talking cupcake?
  • Episode 7: Kyon calling Haruhi a James Bond villain, cut to Haruhi staring at another character and calling it a ridiculous idea.
    Itsuki: As usual, I completely agree with Haruhi and have no opinion of my own.
    Kyon: You have issues, man.
    Itsuki: Hail Haruhi, motherfucker.
  • Scary Black Man!Yuki. Full stop.