Funny / That SciFi Guy

  • The "rat stronghold" from the Johnny Mnemonic review.
    • Likewise, responding to each of Henry Rollins's F-bombs with... well, a cartoon of a dropped "F-bomb."
    • Ending the infamous "I... want... ROOM SERVICE!" rant with a flash of "#firstworldproblems."
  • While tapping on a woman's breasts. "Steam Punk texting is awesome!"
    • Oops, more than 140 characters, I'll have to backspace *tap tap tap*.
  • Professor Parchment being used as a replacement for Dr. Wiki in his Stardust review.
  • In one episode of League of Inebriated Gentlemen, one of the other guys claims to be drunk, and you can tell. The highlight is when he describes the beer as like having Rae Dawn Chong sitting on your face.
  • In his Jason X review, he describes the whole deal of a couple having sex as a mental trigger to summon Jason, which to us and Jason, is the "Ki-Ki-Ki-Ah-Ah-Ah" sound.
    • Playing "Don't Stand So Close to Me" as Jason stabs a woman through a metal door.
    • "Jason gets ridden like a surfboard"
    • "Did Jason just turn into Solid Snake", followed by a scene built on the enemy reactions from Metal Gear Solid having people shoot tons of fire power at Jason.
  • In his newest review of Hardware, he reacts to a drug trip sequence by having the lights go out and another person wave a glow stick around.
  • In his Zombie Apocalypse review, there's a Running Gag that whenever something doesn't make sense for a zombie movie (using EMPs, zombies ambushing people, etc.), it cuts to a skit of zombies doing things like updating their Foursquare before eating brains or discussing their ambush. It also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome in that they very easily pass as scenes from the movie itself.
    Zombie: *holding milk* You think humans like regular or two percent?
  • The Rollerball review: "That's stretching the rules of night vision desert racing. And I should know! That was my favorite Sega CD game!" Even better when he comes up with a sequel...