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Funny: That Epic Plan
  • "Beyond doesn't suffer from insanity; he enjoys it!"
  • Beyond smears jam all over Light's jeans and calls it "art."
  • Light gets annoyed when Beyond becomes overly fascinated by his own reflection:
    Light: Vanity is a mortal sin, you know.
    Beyond: Is that so, god?
  • L leaps out from his hiding place and nearly gives Light and Beyond heart attacks.
  • This:
    L: Are you aware of the fact that he's an insane killer?
    Light: Couldn't help but notice.
    Beyond: Hey, don't talk about Beyond like Beyond's not even here.
  • Light gets annoyed when Beyond and L are arguing.
    Light: Shut up, you two crazy panda-people.
  • Beyond mocks Light and his "faggy journal" and upon meeting Ryuk:
    Beyond: So, you're ...a god of death?
    Ryuk: Yup.
    Beyond: Hm, you're ugly...
  • This exchange between Light, Beyond, and L:
    Light: What the hell are you doing?
    Beyond: Checking.
    Light: Checking what?
    Beyond: Whether you still smelled know.
    Light: Seriously, what's wrong with you?
    Beyond: So many things.
    L: You two are sort of retarded...
    Beyond: I know you are but what am I?!
    L: More retarded.
  • Light has an Emo moment:
    Light: I need to study so I can become a policeman like my father.
    Beyond: Like you could ever make it, being Kira and all.
    Light: Why don't you do a Mexican hat dance on top of my hopes and dreams, asshole?
  • And:
    Light: You know I used to think I took the prize for obnoxiousness, but what do you know, I bow to the champion.
    Beyond: Thank you, you're too kind.
  • Sayu thinks Beyond and her brother make a cute couple.
  • Beyond walks in on Light as he's wanking off to Pamela Anderson, Heidi Klum, and Hugh Jackman
  • Beyond's way of counting to three: "Okay...5-11-3!"
  • Beyond tries to be a gentleman:
    Beyond: After you, my pretty lady.
    Light: I'm not your...pretty lady!
  • This one:
    Light (being choked by Beyond): Can't breathe-!
    Beyond: You and your needs...
  • And:
    Light: I swear to god if you don't stop this shit right now-
    Beyond: There'll be a satanic wig?
    Light: Huh? What are you on about?
    Beyond: You know. Hell toupee.


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