Funny / Temple Grandin

  • Many of Temple's moments where she can't understand figurative language. For example, when she hands a man a piece of paper she got signed that is very filthy:
    "Eugh...looks like half the cattle signed it first!"
    (cut to Temple imagining a bunch of cows and bulls actually signing a piece of paper on a desk.)
    "No sir, cattle can't do that."
    • The best part of that one is the tone of her voice, which basically sounds like "What is this guy smoking?"
    • Animal Husbandry. (Cut to Temple imagining a man marrying a cow). Granted anyone (autistic or otherwise) would probably get the same mental image after hearing that term for the first time—which only serves to make that scene funnier.
  • Dr. Carlock shows the video of the optical illusion in class. When the big twist is unveiled, a wide-eyed Temple jumps to her feet - in front of the projector screen - and yells "HOW'D HE DO THAT?!?"
  • Temple finding a way to sneak into the cattle ranch, since they don't allow women in. She trades in her girlish car for a truck, buys overalls and T-shirts, and spends an afternoon splattering dirt all over the truck and rolling around in the mud so she'd look dirty. IT WORKS.
  • Temple getting upset over her truck being covered in bull testicles, not because it's disgusting and disturbing but because it's a waste of meat!
  • Temple narrating The Man from U.N.C.L.E. for her blind roommate as the other students shush her, which she also narrates and gets a single kernel of popcorn flicked at her.