!! Franchise
* In the wake of the 1990 film, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbbg0vPXxB8 the Turtles appeared on the Barbara Walters Oscar Special]]. Walters was famous for eliciting tears from celebrities. The interview was staged so that Donatello would tear up, but the animatronics went wrong and instead, the water came almost [[OcularGushers ''shooting'' out of his eyes.]] The actor stayed in character, and started {{Wangst}}-y sobbing. The Special left it in.
* The 2016 San Diego Comic Con showed shorts done by creators with distinct styles, among them being "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQNZcBTOgt8 Don Vs Raph]]" by Creator/JhonenVasquez and Studio Titmouse, where the two fight to a stalemate and just decide to solve the issue of who is better with other contests, eventually culminating in a game of jump rope. [[spoiler:The Foot Clan is ready to ambush them, only for the Shredder to stop his soldiers to watch them because it's "the ''dumbest'' thing [he's] ever seen".]]

!! Animated Series
* Funny/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987
* Funny/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003
** Funny/TurtlesForever
* Funny/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2012

!! The movies
* Leonardo grabs on a bike hanging on the ceiling and starts kicking the Foot ninjas which is considered a bicycle kick oddly enough. The handle breaks off, he falls and three ninjas jump on him.
* Donny and Mikey during "meditation".
-->'''Donny and Mikey''': Dan nan na... Ninjitsu!
-->'''Mikey''': Well it's sort of like meditating.
* The pizza slice scene in the beginning.
-->'''Michelangelo:''' ''(While Leonardo is slicing the pizza with his katanas)'' Yes, friends, the new Turbo Ginsu! Wa-hoo! It dices, it slices and it makes French fries in three different- ''(One slice lands on Splinter's head)'' Whoops!
-->'''Splinter:''' Hm...kids.
* Casey responding to Tatsu's threatening grunt with this smartass quip:
--> '''Casey:''' You know, a little *pantomimes misting spray* Primatene might help clear that up. ''[[TalkToTheFist *gets punched*]]''
* And after Casey knocks out Tatsu with a golf driver:
--> '''Casey:''' *kisses the club* I'll never call golf a dull game again.
* When Michelangelo asks Donatello for some pizza.
-->'''Donatello:''' Question.\\
'''Michealangelo:''' Yeah?\\
'''Donatello:''' Do you like ''Penicillin'' on your pizza?\\
'''Michealangelo:''' D'oh!
-->(Both start humming "Taps")
* In Central Park, where Casey and Raph first meet and fight each other.
-->'''Casey''': ''(Raph has just knocked him down)'' New game, round-head. ''(Pulls out cricket bat)'' Cricket?
-->'''Raph''': Cricket?! Nobody understands cricket! You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket!
-->'''Casey''': I'll teach you! ''(Whacks Raph with the bat, sending him headfirst into a trash can.)'' See? Six runs.
** The fact that Casey even knows how Cricket is played is hysterical.
** Later on, when Raph's chasing Casey down the street.
-->'''Raph''': Get back here! I'm not finished with you! ({{Beat}}) '''''[[SkywardScream DAMN!!!!!]]'''''
* Mikey and Donny watch a version of ''The Tortoise and the Hare'' on TV and don't like the rabbit effortlessly winning early on.
--->"Ninja kick the damn rabbit! DO SOMETHING!"
* Donny skateboards through a mob of the Foot, knocking a few of them around with his staff as he goes.
-->'''Raph:''' Showoff! [[OffhandBackhand *knocks out a Foot beside him*]]
* The pizza delivery. The guy from Dominos is weirded out on delivering a pizza into a storm drain, but his confusion turns to irritation when Mikey shortchanges him;
-->'''Deliveryman:''' 122, 122 and eighth? 122...and an eighth. Terrific. Where the heck is "122 and an eighth"?
-->'''Michelangelo:''' ''(From storm drain)'' You're standing on it, dude! ''(Deliveryman jumps back. Mikey sticks a bill up)'' Just slip it down here.
-->'''Deliveryman:''' ''(quickly grabs the money)'' G-gimme that! Hey, this is a ten. The tab's thirteen!
-->'''Michelangelo:''' You're two minutes late, dude!
-->'''Deliveryman:''' Aw, c'mon, I couldn't find the place!
-->'''Michelangelo:''' Wise man say, "Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza!"
-->'''Deliveryman:''' ...I gotta get a new route...and I thought I delivered everywhere...
* In April's apartment, Raph and Leo are warming up for an argument.
-->'''Mikey:''' Fight?
-->'''Donnie:''' Fight.
-->'''Mikey:''' Kitchen?
-->'''Donnie:''' Kitchen.
-->'''Mikey:''' Yeah.
-->After Raph storms out, [[{{Beat}} Mikey and Donnie just look at each other]]
-->'''Mikey:''' Pork rind?
-->'''Donnie:''' (With his mouth full.) Pork rind.
* During the fight in April's apartment, Don gets his head dunked into the fish tank. When he comes up, he spits water into one Foot Soldier's face.
* While watching April on TV, Michaelangelo swoons, "She's a BAAAAAAAABE!"
** Also, when they first notice that the reporter is that woman they saved from being mugged, ("That's her!") Mikey pretends to kiss the screen. "Mmmwah! I'm in love!"
*** And finally when Donny tries to make a joke about Raph turning red when April thanks him on camera, he angrily throws a Sai perfectly between Don's legs ''very'' close to his "sensitive parts", which shuts him up but good.
* After Donnie and Casey's ''[[GoneHorriblyRight attempt]]'' to repair the truck in the garage.
--> '''Donnie''': It worked.
--> '''Casey''': (''throws a rag at his face'')
** And before that? Casey and Donnie casually having, of all things, a [[ShipToShipCombat shipping debate]] involving [[Series/GilligansIsland Gilligan's Island]] while fixing the truck.
-->'''Casey Jones:''' Not even close, Zip-neck. Professor and Mary Ann. Happily ever after.\\
'''Donatello:''' Heh! No way, Atomic Mouth. Gilligan was her main man. They'd be married and have six kids by now.\\
'''Casey Jones:''' Gilligan was a geek, Barfarooni!\\
'''Donatello:''' ''You're'' the geek, Camel Breath.\\
'''Casey Jones:''' Dome Head.\\
'''Donatello:''' [''feels his head for a bit''] Elf Lips.
* Casey getting anxious about sleeping in the sewers leads to this gem:
--> '''Donnie''': You're a claustrophobic!
--> '''Casey''': You want a fist in the mouth?
--> '''Donnie''': (defensively) Mm-mn...!
--> '''Casey''': You never even looked at another guy before!
* When Raph tumbles over the hood of a cab in pursuit of Casey.
--> '''Passenger''': What the heck was that?
--> '''[[UnfazedEveryman Cabbie]]''': Looked like sort of a big turtle, in a trench coat. You're goin' to La Guardia, right?
** It's even funnier when you realize the passenger of the taxi is Raph's actor out of his turtle costume.
* Casey's sarcastic "Oops!" when he switches the trash compactor the Shredder landed in on.
** Especially considering that he has to move the lever ''twice'' to engage the compactor.
* This dialogue:
-->'''Mikey:''' "You dirty rat! You killed my brother! You dirty rat!"\\
'''April:''' ''(laughing)'' That must be Splinter's favorite.\\
''(The Turtles stare at her)''\\
'''April:''' It was a joke!\\
''({{Beat}}. Everyone laughs.)''
* When Splinter tells April the story of how he and the turtles came to be, at the time April is in shock and denial at the fact that she's surrounded by talking turtles and a rat. She goes as far as insist she is dreaming and interrupts Splinter's storytelling with this funny gem.
--> '''April:''' Why don't I ever dream of Creator/HarrisonFord?
* The Turtles face Shredder on the roof and get their shells kicked. Soon afterwards, the exhausted Turtles have a HuddleShot:
-->"At what point... did we lose... control, here?"
* "Are you trying to tell me how to [[Main/BrooklynRage DO MY JAAAAAAAHHHHBBBB?!"]]

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