Funny / Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

  • During the credits, Titans each sing a part of the theme song together.
    • Raven even sings in her classic deadpan tone of voice.
  • Beast Boy's photo session with Raven. Starts with her asleep, then he wakes her up by sticking his finger up her nose, then the camera goes black, we see flashes of teeth, and the next picture is of Beast Boy thoroughly beaten.
  • When Starfire kisses a random Japanese boy to learn the language, the Titans react appropriately shocked; Robin looks like he's about to die. Except for Raven, who raises one eyebrow.
  • When Commander Daizo gives the Titans a tour, Beast Boy finds a green button and starts to press it, only for Raven to slap his hand away and say "Don't touch anything" while morphed into a giant chibi version of herself with fangs.
  • The characters singing their own theme song