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Funny: Teen Beach Movie
  • Can't Stop Singing. On so many levels.
    • Before they start singing, a guy playing the ukulele walks past, starting the sequence. Once the song is over, he walks past again so Mack yells him away lest they have to sing again.
  • Mack: No... We're talking in plot points!
  • The very, very end of the movie: Tanner, Lela, Butchy, CheeChee, Seacat and Giggles suddenly find themselves in the "real" world and bump into a surfer. The surfer shows them an iPhone with a picture of Justin Bieber. The reaction of the 1960s characters is priceless.
  • Mack's facial expressions are priceless; one of the best examples was the scene with Meant To Be.
  • Mack in her biker gear is hilarious because you can tell how uncomfortable she is in it.
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