Funny / Tears to Tiara 2

  • Seeing Charis and Tart cuddle, Dion starts complaining about being left out. Kleito asks him what type of girl he likes, to which Dion replies that at the very least she has to have full breasts and a cool, calm, adult demeanor. Kleito says that's too bad because she was going to hug him even though it'd feel like hugging a ghost. Hearing that, Dion says he was joking and would obviously welcome a hug from her. She declines, but says that as a goddess she can tell his wishes would come true in a few seconds. Cue Monomachusnote  and Enneads.
  • After a heartwarming You Are Not Alone moment with Hamil, Tart tells him that eventually he has to be able to shoulder her weight as well. Hamil smiles and say that's quite a burden. Tart replies saying how can Hamil be so weak when the little girl Charis can do it, surprising Hamil who was just wondering a moment ago where Tart and Charis were. Cuts to Charis shaking and limping up the rest of the mountain. She said she could, and in a moment of Literal-Minded Tart has Charis carry her up the mountain. And The Plucky Girl actually tried, and evidently got quite far. And she remained as cheerful as ever, determined to get stronger so next time she could do it all the way, leaving Hamil to facepalm and explain to the Goddess the actual physical limitations of a human girl.
  • Daphnis pretend to oust himself as a girl to the suspicious slavers. Elissa then stands up and says Daphnis is a guy and she's the girl. Which lead the party to intervene and one by one the girls come out either amazed by the fact Daphnis is a girl or complaining the slavers didn't notice them for being girls first. The slavers collectively had a hilarious "What?!" moment. And the princess and especially the goddess were upset by being overshadowed in femaleness by a guy.
  • Amelia's group of bureaucrats are absolute Workaholics. When told by Hamil they'll be given so much work they won't have time to sleep, they cheer and cry tears of joy.
  • The group pretends to be deserting mercenaries to sign up as gladiators. Problem is that Charis is a little girl, so Dion suggest they have her be Saul's kid.
    Saul: Hey do I look that old?
    Artio: What!? Charis is Saul's kid?! What's going on!? Who's the mother? If it's someone in this group then it's...
    Aemilia: ?
    Artio: Don't tell me...!
    Aemilia: Hey hey, stop giving me that scary look. Do I look that old?
  • Hamil, having trouble convincing Tart that he loves her lively and crazy side as she is and not for her future calm and lady form Tanit turns to Simon, the ghost in the staff, for help.
    Simon: Here's the thing Tart. Just think that Hamil's someone a bit peculiar who's into girls like you and it'll all be fine.
    Tart: Hamil's a wierdo?
    Hamil: Ahaha. Maybe I should break that staff in half and burn it.