Funny / Tanz der Vampire

  • When Professor Abronsius and Alfred are in the Count's castle, the Professor stumbles upon a whole load of books. He then proceeds to sing a song with lyrics that consist almost completely of authors. At first, Alfred wants to talk the professor out of it. Failing to do so, he leaves and the plot continues for quite some time with them apart. He finds Sarah, and they have a duet (Which is mostly about Sarah not wanting to leave), and Alfred songs a solo number while returning to the professor. When they meet again, Alfred gets his song interrupted by the professor... who is STILL singing authors.
  • In fact, half of Professor Abronsius' lines are hilarious. For example, during "Sie irren, Professor" (the reprise of "He, Ho, He"), he uses a proper mad professor threat: "You underestimate science, von Krolock! I will pickle you in alcohol and add you to my collection."
  • The GIGANTIC sponge Sarah whips out in the bath scene in the castle - to show Alfred how well the Count treats her.
  • Koukol trying to get Chagal and Magda out of the castle's crypt.
  • "That doesn't work on me! I'm a Jewish vampire!"
  • All vampires scream and draw back when they see the cross. Herbert faints, which is similar to Alfred fainting when Sarah gets bitten.
  • The Professor getting clobbered by Rebecca when she mistakes him for her husband.
  • Alfred and Herbert's "Wenn Liebe in dir ist" duet.
  • In an incident during the Oberhausen performance of "Vor dem Schloß", a few girls screamed when they got frightened by some of the vampires. Just watch Von Krolock try to keep a straight face.