Funny / Tank Girl

The Film:

  • The Rippers' attempts to interrogate Tank Girl and Jet Girl by dosing them with laughing gas.
  • The spontaneous performance of Cole Porter's "Let's Do It" that Tank Girl makes the Liquid Silver club do. Tank Girl herself joins in with some typically audacious moves onstage.
  • "This is me unconsicous."
  • The Rippers in general.
    • The discussion over what to do with Tank Girl and Jet Girl.
    T-Saint: I say we kill 'em!
    Donner: I say we hump 'em.
    Booga: I say we eat crumpets and tea.
    Deetee: Tasty! Crumpets and tea. All in favor of crumpets and tea, say "I."
    Rippers: I!
    T-Saint: Shut up! Ain't gonna be no crumpets and tea.
  • "It's like the first time you get laid, you gotta say, "Daddy, are you sure this is right?" How that got past the censors is baffling!
  • After being captured, TG seduces one of the guards into coming a little too close, and then snaps his neck with her feet. His buddies all spring up and point their guns at her head, and she looks up at them, her expression equal parts wide-eyed innocence and bored irritation, and asks "What?" in a tone of pure "why is this a thing?"