Funny: Tank Girl

The Film:

  • The Rippers' attempts to interrogate Tank Girl and Jet Girl by dosing them with laughing gas.
  • The spontaneous performance of Cole Porter's "Let's Do It" that Tank Girl makes the Liquid Silver club do. Tank Girl herself joins in with some typically audacious moves onstage.
  • "This is me unconsicous."
  • The Rippers in general.
    • The discussion over what to do with Tank Girl and Jet Girl.
    T-Saint: I say we kill 'em!
    Donner: I say we hump 'em.
    Booga: I say we eat crumpets and tea.
    Deetee: Tasty! Crumpets and tea. All in favor of crumpets and tea, say "I."
    Rippers: I!
    T-Saint: Shut up! Ain't gonna be no crumpets and tea.
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