Funny / TaleSpin

  • In "Plunder and Lightning: Part 1", we get a scene early in the episode where Kit steals Don Karnage's latest plunder.
    Kit: For me? Aw, you shouldn'ta! (runs off)
    Don Karnage: Well it was nothing, really... (Beat) STOP THAT BOY!!
    • After escaping, Kit hitches a ride to Louie's by grappling onto a plane. When he detatches, he accidentally flies into Louie's bar and bumps into Baloo who's wearing a fruit headdress. When the pilot of the aforementioned plane comes in to chew Kit out, we get this exchange.
    Baloo: Aw, cut the kid some slack, Jack!
    Kit: Yeah, listen to the fat lady!
    Baloo: LADY!?
  • In "It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck", Kit and Molly are dangling from an apartment building with a telephone as a lifeline as Kit tries to call for help.
    Kit: Wildcat! Let me talk to Baloo!
    Wildcat: I'll get him, Kit, hold the phone.
    Kit: I am! I am!
    Wildcat: (calls out) Hey Baloo, phone!
    Baloo: (starting the plane) Not now! I gotta save Kit from the sea monster!
    Wildcat: (back to Kit) Kit, uh, maybe you should call back when you're not being eaten.
  • Don Karnage's attempts to sneak the Iron Vulture past the cliff guns at the beginning of "Jumping the Gun".
    Dumptruck: Can ve put our coats on, captain?
    Don Karnage: What?! And ruin a perfect cover? I am in disguise; you are in disguise; the Iron Vulture is in disguise! Life is beautiful! Within moments, my love boat will sail right under those Cape Suzette guns. See how convincing you are, ladies? [points to a sailor sending them a message in Semaphore] You have brought the attention of a handsome young sailor.
    Mad Dog: Uh, maybe he's trying to tell us something, captain.
    Don Karnage: Nonsense! What could he possibly be trying to tell us?
    [The Iron Vulture crashes into a rock, causing its disguise to fall apart. The gunners open fire.]
    Don Karnage: Uh-oh... Retreat!
    Dumptruck: Now can ve put our coats on, captain?
    Don Karnage: Today, Cape Suzette! Tomorrow-- (gunners fire) Is another day. Retreat!
  • In "Her Chance to Dream", Rebecca was waiting for Baloo to return, while he's at Louie's having a party until the ghost wreaks havoc. Baloo comes back all shaken up with his "dumbest excuse" yet.
    Rebecca: You lowlife excuse for a pilot! When you said Molly had eaten your maps, that was cute. When you said a big hurricane blew your plane to Louie's, that was mildly amusing. But this is stupid!!
  • The opening scene of "I Only Have Ice For You", especially Rebecca freaking out in the face of Baloo's nonchalance.
  • In "The Sound and the Furry", after winning the course (being the only one with a working plane), he comes up to the other pilots for their compliments. Only for them to suddenly run after him, thinking he sabotaged their planes. Then they "grease and spoon him!"
    Balooo: (covered in engine grease and spoons) Alright, are you happy now?