Funny: Tales of Vesperia

  • In true Tales Series fashion, the skits can be quite humorous
    • The skit that results when you have someone prepare Sorbet in the ice fields. Or noodles in the desert.
      Rita: Who the hell decided to pan-fry noodles in the middle of a searing hot desert?!
    • The skit for getting Judith's waitress outfit, Glamorous Maid is easily one of the best, particularly Raven's reaction to Judith wondering if she should show more skin.
      Estelle: Like my boobs could fill out that top! *gasps and runs away*
      Yuri: Hey, it's time to go! C'mon, Ristelle!
    • However, I think Yuri's secret ingredient takes the cake croquette here.
    • Two words: "Manly Musk"
    Yuri: "Wow, Old Man, you're really making yourself at home in that get-up, aren't you?"
    Raven: (enthused) "Oh yeah! Can you feel the macho energy? The manly musk waftin' from my physique? My fans across the world are gonna love this!"
    Rita: (deadpan) "Idiot."
    Raven: (to Rita) "Hey, Rita! Ya interested in becoming my fan? Whadda ya say?"
    inches closer, Rita backs away disgusted
    Raven: "Manly musk!"
    Rita: (to Repede) "Hey, dog, do something about him, would you?"
    Repede guards Rita from Raven and barks
    Raven: (unimpressed) "Hn. Seems it's time to put my macho energy to the ultimate test: taming the savage beast!!"
    Repede growls, Rita/Yuri make 'wut?' face
    Raven: (dramatically) "Gaze upon my manly physique, AND BE AWED!!"
    Yuri: (deadpan) "Repede's male."
    • Raven claiming what he wishes the Sorcerer's Ring could do, like let him know what Judith is thinking or seeing through girl's clothes. Rita hits him with magic for this and Raven decides he wishes it could go back in time and make him shut up before he said that.
    • Yuri translating for Repede to tell Rita not to be picky and use any gels that Repede gives her.
      • Especially when she automatically snaps "That's a smart mouth he's-" (cue double take from Rita)
  • Karol's "suggestions" for the new names of Belius and Phaeroh when they're revived as Undine and Efreet.
  • Raven has one of these at the end of a fight, triggering one of the most popular quotes from the game:
    Estelle: Our weapons are love!
    Yuri: Justice!
    Raven: *in a Mortal-Kombat announcer-ish voice* 'SEXUALITEEEEEEH.'
    Rita: Would you stop?!
    • Another good Victory Quote:
      Yuri: Our weapons are?!
      Karol: Bravery!
      Raven: Youth!
      Judith: Modesty.
      Yuri: Like any of you have any of those.
    • And an infamous one inherited from Tales of the Abyss...
      Yuri: You're weak!
      Karol: You're a hack!
      Estelle: (giggling) You're whack!
  • Yuri and Karol talking about Estelle being a princess. Karol worries that he was rude without meaning to be to Estelle.
    Yuri: Your language has been unpardonable. Captain Karol, the sentence for insulting decapitation. Been nice knowing you.
  • Also qualifying: Yuri, Karol, and Judith punching out Raven for handing Estelle over to the Big Bad, saying he now owes his life to Brave Vesperia. And then Rita, who isn't part of Brave Vesperia, gets a shot at him.
    Rita: I didn't want to feel left out.
    • In the PS3 version Patty punches him too.
    • Estelle is also said to have punched Raven off-screen since everyone else did it.
  • Like Hell you are!
  • When the party confronts Barbos, he goes on a scenery-chewing rant about how he'll Take Over the World, only for Duke to take out his Blastia-powered weapon. Cue this gem from Raven:
    Raven: You know, he was so much easier to deal with when he was all drunk on power.
  • Karol crossdressing in order to seduce a guard.
    • Heck, even the version of that scene where you choose Judith, the most obvious choice, is hilarious. Regardless of who you choose, you have to do a mini-quest to make a seductive outfit. With Judith, Yuri wonders why that's even necessary given what she wears normally. Cue an outfit even more insane, as if that were possible. (Shame Raven isn't in the party at the time...)
  • "No... items... EVEEEEEEEER!"
  • The cooking competition. Where the taste of Flynn's cooking horrifies the judges, including the Wonder Chef, who disappears in a puff of smoke. Then Sodia, being Flynn's Fangirl and all, demands to try the food, only for Witcher to shoot that down. Shame it isn't voiced.
  • From Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike:
    • Yuri overhears some Guild member boasting about how he ditched his client because the client annoyed him. Yuri starts a fight and Flynn tries to stay out of it until he gets punched. Flynn's usual calm demeanour vanishes in an instant as he charges into the fight.
    • A little later, Captain Niren (who's a good source of humor throughout the film) is "reprimanding" Yuri, Flynn, Hisca, and Chastel for what happened in the bar (the incident above involving the Guild members). During the scene, Niren realizes he needs to bring an escort for a mission and wonders which of them he should take. He looks over at the twins simply says "the bigger one", which confuses Yuri since the twins are the exact same height. Apparently, Yuri fails to notice that the only difference between Hisca and Chastel is that the latter has a bigger chest than her sister. Even more amusing, just to make sure that the audience is aware of the difference, the scene immediately before the reprimanding scene has Flynn politely endure a bit of Marshmallow Hell from Chastel as she was trying to patch him up.
  • The waitressing sidequest. Just... everything about it. The costumes you get, for one, especially Karol's "Lunchlady" outfit, which becomes even funnier after you get Raven's and find out his was the first uniform they had made for a guy, meaning yes, Karol's is a girl's outfit. And from a gameplay standpoint, some of the orders can get downright ridiculous. One Let's Play had a tiny girl order 16 Set Lunch B, 24 Ice Cream, 23 Fruit Cocktails, 23 Shrimp and 20 Chowder.
  • One from gameplay: Rita's Simplified Spell Casting.
  • "Prepare to die, Eggbear!", particularly Yuri's imitation of him.
  • If Karol is made to wear his Hot Springs outfit for too long, a skit starts where other characters start trying to get away from him. Karol chews out the player for this.
    'You're just making me wear this because you think it's funny, right? You're terrible!'