Funny / Tales of Phantasia

  • DeJap's SFC Fan Translation has its moments of comedy, particularly the sea trip to Alvanista with its famous Spiced-Up Subtitles like, "I bet Arche fucks like a tiger", Arche passing out and fantasizing about having sex with Cress, or Arche telling Mint that "[she's] got the biggest tits [she's] ever seen!" The last two actually do happen in official translations, it's just not as explicit.
    • The Hot Springsepisode in general is a stand-out amongst the others in the series for one reason: Arche breaks convention and peeps on the males this time around.
  • In the Japanese versions of the game, Mint earns the Boing-chan title (basically named after the comical sound effect of breasts bouncing) from one sidequest. In Phantasia's prequel, Tales of Symphonia, the character who can earn the same title is ... Sheena. 'nuff said.
  • In the PSX Fan Translation, after first encountering Sylph at Lone Valley:
    Claus: Ah... the spirits are being hurt by miasma!
    Cress: They're being hurt by your asthma? I thought it wasn't contagious!
  • While the Absolute Zero PSX translation does a good job, the Phantasian Productions version goes for a Woolseyism approach. Case in point, this line from Claus if the player enters Harmel when they're supposed to be helping Sylph:
    Claus: I see Sylph's request is so important that we're going in the completely wrong direction. The enthusiasm is truly admirable, but unless we turn around, we're not going to the Forest of Spirits.
  • There's a few skits based around a rather complicated "defeat Dhaos" Incredibly Lame Pun from Cress (the joke being that the Japanese word for "defeat", "taosu" and how Dhaos' name is said in Japanese ("daosu") sound very similar.) Its worth it for the way the fan translations try to Woolseyism it.
    Original: Boku wa zettai wa taosu Daosu!
    Absolute Zero: I will repeat Dhaos! Dhaos.
    Phantasian Productions: I will douse Dhaos!
  • In Narikiri Dungeon X, a possible "failure" version of Suzu's Jiraiya summon can activate where she instead ends up in a frog costume...and throws a bunch of highly-damaging fire around while flailing about in a blind panic.
  • The fact that Pluto can be easily pinned down and beaten by Cress' basic Demon Fang arte despite being a Bonus Boss from Hell.