Funny / T*Witches

  • In the movie version the twins get to teleport a whole car to a magical realm. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Karsh, when trying to deal with Illeana's Cloudcuckoolander tendencies.
    Karsh: (to Illeana) Would you like to put down the chicken wing and help me protect the girls?
    Karsh: (cringes as Illeana double-dips chip) Now why would you do that?
    Illeana: I'm sorry?
    Karsh: You just double-dipped, you ruined the entire dip- just go, just... go.
  • Illeana tries to walk through a wall, and gets dazed in the process.
    Illeana: Hey, ok, I just walked through some '70s wallpaper that will leave me seriously scarred for life!