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  • Most of the stuff Gabe does is simply to provide comedy, like when he builds a low-orbit satellite-based butter launcher:
    Gabe: "It launches butter from orbit! What other reason would I need?"
    • Or the walnut railgun:
      Gabe: "Using thousands of deadly supermagnets, it accelerates your nuts to point-four (that's .4) times the speed of light, ensuring maximum enjoyment of said nuts."
    • Firing Axel to hit the giant robot was pretty funny.
  • Axel, despite being The Stoic most of the time, gets a rare moment in December 23rd:
    Axel: "I'm not stupid, I'm not dumb, I'm not a jerk, or an ass, or asking for it. I'm point-blank blunt, and if someone asks me something, no matter how old they are, or how subjective it is, I'm gonna speak the truth. So, in answer to your question, Ere, yes, those pants do make your butt look big."
  • The Ainaveltsac arc, despite having broken taboo, had plenty of funny moments. One such was Gabe's Genre-Savviness finally coming in handy—just in time for everyone to split up.
    Gabe: "Alright, guys, I think I know where we a-...where'd they go?!"
    • Report bashing AT&T
      Report: "Zero bars...figures. 'Fastest-growing 4G-network', my ass."
    • Ere's jovial skipping when she realizes she can beat up both Tsadilb and Axel at once.
    • Yug's Munchhausen-esque navigation of the "Topsy-Turvy Castle". And befriending the Guard Armor.
    • Retrope's face when she found the Vamp Slayer, which doubled as Nightmare Fuel.
    • Gabe's fight against Repaer, in its entirety.
      Gabe: "Alright, there's a hot chick under there!"
      [Wind blows, revealing that Reaper's lack of undergarments]
      Gabe: "...And not much else, it would seem." *slasher smile* "Let's see how little..."
    • Retrope's "boss fight" against "The Criminal", consisting of a dance-off.
    • Gabe versus, well, any female monster:
      Cute Monster Girl: "Ooh, someone new to play with..."
      Gabe: "Lady, if we gon' play, we playin' da Gabe way."
    • Gabe discovering the infamous "Ladies' Room", and his reaction.
      Gabe: "I now believe in God, and am convinced she's female. And hot. And perverted. And awesome."
      • Even funnier now considering tha Ophiuchus, who is a very hot female, is basically the omniversal God.
  • In a recent mini-arc, Gabe tricks Ere into dressing like Yoko, complete with gun and then snaps a few pictures. A loud offscreen "BLAM" appears at the beginning of the next page, and at the start of the next arc Gabe is shown holding a bloody rag to the side of his head.
  • The Sticky Spoon Conundrum. The whole thing counts, but especially Ere's reaction.
  • "I'm probably going to regret asking this, but why were you even carrying three cans of sardines?"
    • Made even better by Kerrie's totally innocent expression.
  • "May I please ask why you are wearing a shirt made of corn?"
    • "It's a Crop Top."
  • After overusing his Marty Stu Powers, and having half his hair turn white, all Report has to say is this:
    Report: I wonder if I get a Senior's Discount now.
  • The Doog-ie Boogie.
    • Even better, Google-hime doing the Doog-ie Boogie with him later on!
    • For context: Cat Girl Catarina is caught where she shouldn't be. She attempts to escape through a Warp Door...and finds one of the Sue's (namely, Symphony) trying to force Report into bed with her. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Anything involving the Sue's is hilarious as hell.
  • Z. Tulk is a comedy goldmine.
    • Particularly when he tried to ski off a cliff. In the summer.
    Ere: ...Amberlamps? I don't- Oh, you mean ambulance, right?
  • Noah getting crushed by a runaway elevator, while meant to be a dramatic moment, just comes across as funny (and karmic, given what he did to Report two strips ago.)
  • "Boobs aren't everything, right Retrope?" (cue Hidden Buxom reveal)
  • "I have a brother. His name is Dab." (everyone in the room dabs)