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     Official Touhou Games 

Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream

  • Mima's scenario:
    Chiyuri: Do as I say, if you value your life.
    Mima: No. ♥
    Chiyuri: ......... *sweatdrop*
  • Same cutscene, different player character:
    Chiyuri: You'd better do as I say, if you know what's good for you.
    Kotohime: Okay, I will! ♥
    Chiyuri: Couldn't you show a little resistance?
    • Pretty much everything about Kotohime, really. Especially most characters' reactions to her.
    Marisa: ...Princess?

The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

  • Cirno in her first appearance:
    Cirno: I'll cryo-freeze you along with some English beef!
    • Cirno's infamous "Icicle Fall" pattern on Embodiment of Scarlet Devil's Easy difficulty. One of the very few spell cards to have a blatant blind spot...which is right in front of her. For this reason, some fans refer to it as "Icicle FAIL".
  • Marisa not quite getting it.
    Flandre: I've been in the basement. For about 495 years.
    Marisa: That's sweet, I only get weekends off.
  • In EOSD's extra stage, after Marisa beats Flandre, they end up discussing a "famous rhyme". Marisa claims that the "real" song ends with the last Indian getting married (as opposed to hanging herself), and suggests introducing Flandre to Reimu for that purpose.
    • There's a bit of ironic meta-humour related to this, because the Reimu-Flandre pairing has never been nearly as popular as Marisa-Flandre.

Perfect Cherry Blossom

  • Reimu vs. Chen:
    Chen: You can't leave once you wander in.
    Reimu: Is that so? By the way, I hear that Mayohiga's items bring you good fortune if you take them home.
    Chen: Yeah, that's true...
    Reimu: Then let the plundering begin!
    Chen: Uh... what!?
    • If the dialogue doesn't get you, Chen's face when she says the last line most likely will.
  • Sakuya vs. Alice:
    Alice: So, for what reason do you worry? About yourself.
    Sakuya: Because I'm carrying only three changes of clothes. For myself.
    Alice: Ah, good reason.
    Sakuya: That, and a spare set of knives too.
    Alice: Ah, I— KNIVES?!

Immaterial and Missing Power

  • Many of Suika's animations; even her standing animation is her unbalanced swaying back and forth.

Imperishable Night

  • Quite a few bits of dialogue from the Touhou series in general are really amusing.
    Alice: Why the stuttering? Just yell at her like you always do. Bitch, get out of the way! Like that.
    Marisa: No, don't! We'll be in for it if she gets mad!
  • There's the choice between each branch, which really encapsulate Marisa's ("Go kick Eirin's ass! (Final A) / Blow up everything you can! (Final B)") and Youmu's ("Go where Lady Yuyuko says (Final A) / Go where Lady Yuyuko says (Final B)") personalities.
  • This little show of, ehm, teamwork with Reimu and Yukari after beating Keine.
    Keine: Tell me, where are you trying to go, anyway?
    Reimu: That way.
    Yukari: This way.
    Keine: ... If you're after the ones behind the abnormal moon, it's that way.
    Reimu: Hah, I was right.
    Yukari: Reimu, your finger is off from hers by 70 degrees.
    Reimu: But you're off by 110...
  • There's also the dialogue in the Youmu and Yuyuko scenario:
    Keine: There is nothing around here. Just move along already.
    Youmu: But honestly, we have no clue where we're headed.
    Keine: Are you wandering around without purpose?
    Yuyuko: No, no, Youmu. We're certainly heading in the right direction. All you need to do is follow me.
    Keine: What is your purpose?
    Youmu: To restore the corrupted moon.
    Yuyuko: No, no, Youmu.
    Youmu: Eh!?
    Yuyuko: It's a wonderful midnight snack tour across the land.
    Keine: You two are really suspicious. Even more suspicious than typical ghosts.
    Youmu: Wait, I can't just let you get away with saying that. Ghosts in general aren't suspicious.
    Yuyuko: No, no-
    Youmu: Shut up.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

  • The exchange that takes place when Aya breaks into the Scarlet Devil Mansion during her story mode:
    Aya: We have infiltrated the Scarlet Devil Mansion! I wonder what devilish beasts lurk in this mansion?
    Remilia: Rawrrr!
    Aya: It's, it's here! It's a monster! What's going to happen to our brave correspondent?!
    Remilia: I'mmm gunna eeeat chuuu!
    Aya: Such a fearsome carnivorous monster! Could this be the legendary Mokele-mbembe?!
    Remilia: Mo, Moke? Sorry, I can't act something like that.

Subterranean Animism

  • Alice and Marisa:
    Marisa: Whew... This is so hot. So hot I could die!
    Alice: (Are the dolls okay?)
    Marisa: Yeah, but it's so hot I wouldn't be surprised if they burned up.
    Alice: (I think the dolls themselves will be fine, but it would be bad if the gunpowder inside caught fire.)
    Marisa: Why the hell did you stuff gunpowder in 'em?!
    • The entire MAlice scenario in SA was just one hilarious line after another.
      Satori: "Before that, let's search the house...." you think. I won't allow that. Please head to the courtyard immediately.
      Marisa: Damn!
  • Patchouli and Marisa:
    Patchouli: (That cat we met before was probably running free... Just like our cat.)
    Marisa: Huh, you have a cat?
    Patchouli: (... Maybe that was a human we had. It's within the margin of error.) note 
    • Cue Stage 5:
      Rin: Hey, sis, you're pretty good! Your strength is growing on me!
      Marisa: What! The cat turned into a person!
      Patchouli: (A cat and a person... within the margin of error.)

Touhou Hisoutensoku

  • Sanae's final battle ends up with a timed Free-Fall Fight. The funny part is that her opponent Suwako frequently uses her flying animation, waving her arms as if it would slow down the fall! Earth gods aren't very comfortable in the air.
    • Also the fact that up to this point, Sanae believed that she would end up fighting a Humongous Mecha, only to be disappointed when Suwako shows up, stating that the giant is just a useless doll made by the kappas to advertise her temple, causing Sanae to demand out of sheer annoyance that they fight.
  • Hong Meiling's scenario has her fighting off assassins disguised as other characters orchestrated by a giant catfish. It ends up as All Just a Dream.
    Fake!Alice: As expected of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's gatekeeper! This temporary appearance, you saw through it immediately!

Fairy Wars

  • Just about any conversation among the fairies:
    Cirno: Huh, all of you really are here.
    Luna: The three of us are as one!
    Sunny: Though a single arrow is broken easily, if you bundle three together...
    Star: You'll run out of arrows three times as fast! :D

Ten Desires

  • A lot of spell cards in the series are named after historical events or items, or supernatural phenomena. Then you get Ten Desires, with cards that are blatantly a Take That! against a character the user doesn't like, such as Reimu's "Exorcism of the Newspaper Subscription Solicitors", which consists of a GIANT seal saying "No News Solicitations! (Thank You)"note , or Mamizou's "Pseudo-Exorcism of the Stupid Shrine Maiden", where she transforms into Reimu and spams her trademark homing bullets...while still having her tanuki tail!
  • Marisa after fighting and insulting Mamizou:
    Mamizou: You...I shall have my revenge upon you! What is your name?
    Marisa: I'm Reimu Hakurei.
    Mamizou: Marisa Kirisame? I'll remember that.
    Marisa: Hey, go after the miko, not me!
    • Even better, it's a Call-Back to Marisa's EX stage run in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Flandre asks Marisa her name, and then later reveals that she heard everything that happened upstairs earlier in the game when Marisa tries to lie.
      Flandre: Here I am.
      Marisa: And you are?
      Flandre: Before you ask someone else's name...
      Marisa: Oh, me? I'm Reimu Hakurei. A shrine maiden.
      Flandre: I am Flandre, Miss Marisa. (There's no way you could be a shrine maiden.)
      Marisa: And who are you? (Maybe I should have said nurse?)
  • For that matter, the entire Ten Desires extra stage fight is this: Mamizou uses some of the most... interesting danmaku you'll ever see. See for yourself.
  • Miko's third card, where she summons Futo and Tojiko over and over to attack you while not doing a single thing herself. The best part is that Futo and Tojiko will eventually start complaining about it (instead of boasting or threatening you).
    Tojiko: Have at it!
    Futo: Please let me handle this!
    Tojiko: You damn fool!
    Futo: Your pathetic power isn't worth talking about!
    Tojiko: Good grief!
    Futo: You haven't won yet!
    Tojiko: Once again?
    Futo: Haven't we done enough?

Hopeless Masquerade

  • In Miko's ending she manages to create a perfect Mask of Hope for Kokoro...which is a crude rendering of Miko's own face.
  • Mamizou's last word in Hopeless Masquerade, since it has a lot of cartoony sound effects.
    • Her new spell card in version 1.30 has her turning whoever she is facing into various animals, with hilarious results.

Urban Legend in Limbo

  • From Sumireko's scenario before the fight with Kokoro, after Kokoro has decided to skip "am I pretty" question from the Kuchisake-onna legend:
    Kokoro: Since I'm going to kill you anyway, I was going to stop asking the question. Not pretty? Then die!
    Sumireko: Whaaat? I may not be that confident about my looks, but I'm not that uglyー
  • During the final scenario, Reimu attempts to take the main antagonist, Sumireko, into protective custody. However, Sumireko misinterprets this as an attempt to kill her, so she attempts to self-destruct and destroy Gensokyo's barrier.
    Sumireko: Ah, what a beautiful death. What a worthwhile death.
    Reimu: It's not beautiful at all!

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

  • One that requires a bit of information from Mountain of Faith to really appreciate. Stage 1 of LoLK takes place in the Youkai Forest, which is at the base of Youkai Mountain, while Stage 2 takes place at the lake at the peak. In MoF, Reimu mentions that it's noon while she's flying through the Youkai Forest, and it is clearly night-time by the time she makes it to the lake, so it's a fairly substantial trip. Where this gets hilarious is in Sanae's scenario, as she lives not far away from the lake. Meaning she took the long trek down the mountain, only to learn that the invaders she was looking for were right beside her starting point. It's no surprise she spends Stage 2 being a little grumpy.
    • There's also the fact that the Lunar Capital is being threatened by, of all things, fairies. Granted, these fairies were empowered by Junko, but it doesn't make this weakness any less weaksauce.
  • Sanae's Stage 5 and Stage 6, wherein she is the only human in Gensokyo who is familiar with outside world knowledge of the moon.
    Clownpiece: I don't really know what's going on anymore, but I've had enough of all this. I'm tired. Can I leave yet?
    Sanae: (If the fairies are creating the atmosphere,)(then I'm alive because of the fairies...) You can't sleep! If you sleep, someone's gonna die! (Me.)
    Junko: I have underestimated humans. After all, even the crew of Apollo 11 was covered with wounds, they say.
    Sanae: Huh? Details, please.

Antinomy of Common Flowers

  • Most of the casts' ultimate Last Word attacks involve some sort of dramatic, spooky, greatly destructive or impressive show of power— such as calling on a mighty storm, or crushing the opponent under a giant foot, but then there is Joon Yorigami. She grabs her opponent and punches them many times, causing money and jewellery to leak from her to a coin effect from New Super Marisa Land. Then she shakes the opponent some more to squeeze out more money. She throws them aside and tosses a debt notice at her, shortly before peeking out from behind it and sweetly punching her opponent in the face.
  • Doremy's win quotes against her opponents have her talking about their dreams. Yukari's dreams have her literally invade the Dream World, much to Doremy's annoyance.
  • Reisen's story mode is actually about her dream self going on a rampage to satisfy Reisen's frustrations. It's hilarious seeing her call Byakuren a hypocrite right to her face or declaring herself a hero for eliminating Miko.
    Dream!Reisen: (to Miko) Fight me already, you wicked hermit in love with your own voice!
    Dream!Reisen: Gensokyo is filled with people who'd celebrate your disappearance. I'm a hero of justice!
  • The final stage of Nitori's story mode, Tenshi calls Nitori a "lowly kappa" before her "sparring session", to which this exchange occurs:
    Tenshi: I'm Tenshi Hinanawi. A noble among nobles. A celestial. It must be an honor for a lowly kappa to have me as a sparring partner.
    Nitori: What? A celestial? What a jerk.
    Kokoro: I get it. Those two are joined by the feeling of having no brains. As in: "An empty head feels so niiiice~"

Hidden Star in Four Seasons

  • The game features Reimu, Cirno, Aya, and Marisa as the playable characters. Reimu, Marisa, and Aya's scenarios are all relatively serious, each dealing with the incident of the seasons gone haywire. Cirno's scenario involves her going berserk with power and trying to take over Gensokyo, while still being Cirno. This entails her going around picking fights with people to show off her power, while being oblivious to the events surrounding her and generally airheaded, making her story a bit more of a joke compared to the other playable girls'.
    Cirno: Who're you?
    Okina: Whoa there. Huh? Did you forget? Perhaps when I helped myself to the energies I had you gather, you lost your memories with them?
    Cirno: Mmmm... Oh yeah!
    Okina: Do you remember now? Once again, welcome.
    Cirno: I just remembered that I came to this world to get my memories back! So, uh, who're you again?
    Okina: This isn't getting us anywhere. Oh well, I suppose fairies will be fairies.
  • After defeating Narumi Yatadera, the stage 4 boss, a door appears on her back for Reimu, Aya, and Marisa to go through to the Land of the Rear Door, the setting for the final two stages. For Cirno, the door instead appears on her own back, and she is comically whisked away to the world when she touches her own back, leaving Narumi understandably surprised.

     Other ZUN games 

  • In Shuusou Gyoku's Extra Stage, when VIVIT encounters Marisa, Marisa's first line is "Shoot and I'll move!"
    • Marisa reprises the line when encountered in Reimu's storyline of Imperishable Night.
      Marisa: Move and I'll shoot!
      Marisa: I messed up. I mean, "shoot and I'll move". In a flash.
  • And at the end, after VIVIT defeats Reimu:
    Reimu: Wow, you're strong...
    VIVIT: Well, will you listen to my request now?
    Reimu: Guess I've got no choice. ... what are you looking for?
    VIVIT: I have to find the "Holy Grail"! And I have to find it today.
    Reimu: ... what's that?
    VIVIT: You know, that special artifact that's said to have held the blood of the Christ after his crucifixion.
    Reimu: ... Who's that?
    VIVIT: *sob sob sob*

     Touhou Print Works and Media 

The Grimoire of Marisa

Symposium of Post-Mysticism

  • Miko talks about how Futo used to be scared of Buddhist statues and responded by lighting them on fire.
    Miko: And then before we knew it, the fire spread to the temple. We definitely went overboard that time...
    Marisa: Uh, that isn't really what you'd call cowardice. (sweatdrop)
    Byakuren: Maybe I should turn everything to stone for fireproofing. And make the statues stone, too...

Touhou Sangetsusei

  • Makoto Hirasaka's Strange and Bright Nature Deity has a number of funny moments that mainly involve the lifestyle of the three mischievous faeries (Sunny Milk, Luna Child, Star Sapphire):
    • Chapter 1, in which the faeries infiltrate the Scarlet Devil Mansion and disguise themselves as maids. (In a later chapter, it turns out that Sakuya knows about this and tries to punish them for it.)
    • The 4th chapter's moment involves just two words: Stomach Cleaning.Explanation 
    • Chapters 13 & 14. The trio teams up with Cirno. Their prank on Reimu's place is especially fun.
    • Chapter 19. The three faeries try to scare Reimu.
      • "I didn't even do anything..."Explanation 
      • The badly made ''rokurokubi'' (Japanese long-neck ghost) that they use to try to scare broad daylight. Cue Reimu tossing the broom at Sunny Milk. Poor girl.
  • And then comes its sequel, Oriental Sacred Place:
    • Chapter 1. Reimu suggests that Marisa go up the mountain to see some cherry blossoms for hanami note .
      Marisa: (While shaking her head) What? Go flower-viewing with the Tengu? No thanks, I'd rather live... note 
      Reimu: I didn't ask you to drink with them.
      • Reimu is about to show Marisa inside the forest, as she realizes there's still some people going for flower-viewing, but they discover it's the three mischievous faeries, who are drunk and snoring a bit too loudly. Reimu's reaction: KICK!
      • Reimu's Imagine Bubble about the three faeries' home. Her image of Sunny Milk in particular sells it.
        Marisa: No, they aren't living up in the tree branches, but inside the tree itself.
        Reimu: How did you read my mind?!
    • Chapter 11. During the night of the harvest moon, the trio decides to swap Reimu's dumplings with Star Sapphire's poisonous mushroom-filled dumplings. It works, but they discover their stolen dumplings are filled with mud.
      Cirno: (half-paralyzed) I'm gonna... kill them...
    • Chapter 12. During New Year's, the faeries seek help from other youkai to increase the number of visitors to the Hakurei Shrine. However, at night...
      Reimu: Well, the number of visitors certainly has increased, but...ARE THERE ANY HUMAN VISITORS?!
      • If you look closely, there is exactly one. And it's Mokou.
    • Chapter 15. In an incredibly rare occurrence, Patchouli visits the Hakurei Shrine.
      Patchouli: I was buried by an avalanche of books, and while I was facing such a terrible fate, SOMEONEnote  decided to steal books from me.
      Reimu: Stealing is a terrible habit after all.

Wild and Horned Hermit

  • In the manga, there's quite a number of funny moments:
    • The discussion of Gensokyo's energy policy in the second chapter. Made even funnier when you remember how ZUN usually draws inspiration.
      Sanae: True nuclear fusion isn't meant to power hot springs. It's meant to be used to establish a self-sustaining energy source. Do you know where Gensokyo's energy comes from?
      Reimu: From getting your three square meals a day.
      Marisa: And booze.
      Sanae: =.=
    • When Kasen finds a gold nugget in the Hakurei Shrine, she's more shocked by the fact that it's there in the first place than the fact that vengeful spirits were swarming around it.
    • Sanae imagines a certain electric rat before Kasen reveals it is a raijuu.
    • When Reimu and Marisa hear rumors of a fortune god blessing a soba shop after visiting it, they get some ideas. Until...
      Marisa: (Happily) Maybe we can do a little kidnapping, ah...?
      Kasen swoops in behind her and moves a bit closer to her at the next panel.
      Marisa: (Nervously) ...or, you know, just make a nice invitation.
    • ANYTHING involving the nameless Kitsune who transforms into Marisa.
      • It all starts when a Kitsune joins one of Reimu's drinking parties, disguised as Marisa. Despite the shapeshift, Reimu still catches her red-handed after her hangover. Since all the Kitsune did was drink sake, she doesn't get exorcised. After thanking Reimu (even covering her identity from the real Marisa by transforming into Sanae), she offers Reimu a way to increase her popularity. Sure enough, the next day, Reimu's shrine has a huge number of visitors. As days pass, though, Reimu is completely exhausted. Luckily, Kasen discovers what's actually going on: It's thanks to the Kuda-gitsune ("tube-fox"), a type of fox youkai, and she's pissed that Reimu has sought help from a youkai for her personal profit. note  Reimu confesses to her and Marisa about the Kitsune, but since she was completely tricked by her, Reimu gains nothing.
      • The Kitsune seems quite pleased that she fooled Reimu. This is short-lived, as Reimu ties her up in the following chapter.
    • Chapter 11. Marisa attempts to go to Kasen's place to steal some stuff (after her first visit in the previous chapter), but ends up getting lost...until she encounters Kasen's pet tiger and attempts to steal it due to its rare pelt.
      • "I don't think they're weak against psychological attacks." (Cue an image bubble of Kanako, Suwako & Suika) note 
    • Chapter 12. The instant Reimu and Marisa learn what's the cause of the unusual water column in Genbu Ravine and how it actually isn't an incident nor does it concern them, they promptly leave without a fuss... leaving Nitori and the rest of the Kappa gang homeless at the roadside. Even several days after Seiga (the person the deathtrap was actually meant for) escapes, the Kappa are left just outside their hideout with no way in.
    • Chapter 13. Never, EVER piss off Reimu. One of the Yamawaro tells Reimu to get lost, since they're not bothering anyone when Reimu accuses them of being the culprits during their "survival war game". Sure, this is considered a Crowning Moment of Awesome, but another Yamawaro is shocked to see who her friend is talking to, thinking, "Did you really say that to the shrine maiden?" At the end of the chapter, despite the problem being resolved, Reimu is still pissed about them apologizing not to her but to the victims, and she decides to go to war with them.
      Reimu: I won't be satisfied until I've completely annihilated those lying bastards.
      Kasen: Well, that's fine too. But don't go overboard.
      • In one of the omake chapters in REX Magazine, one of Nitori's friends decides to join the Yamawaro...only for Reimu to beat her up (as she is still mad), converting her back to a kappa.
    • Chapter 14. The hobgoblin learns the meaning of fear after staying in Gensokyo for a few days.
    • In chapter 16, Kasen brings a special drinking box and tells people that it can heal their wounds. Before she can explain the side effects, Marisa snatches and drinks from it.
      Marisa: (Lifts Reimu) Look, I can pick you up without breaking a sweat! (Reimu dive-kicks her)
      • The next day, everyone who drinks from Kasen's special drinking box behaves like an oni. note 
    • Kasen happens upon Reimu and Byakuren about to have a duel. She starts cheering loudly for Reimu...before revealing that she's bet against her.
      "Reimu always screws up when she gets cocky. There's no safer bet."
    • Chapter 20. Suika pretends to be one of the vendors during a festival. She assures Kasen that no one will recognize her—until Reimu comes in.
    Reimu: (Pointing at Suika's horns) Look! As you can see, she is an Oni. So there's no telling what she added to that sake.
    • Funnily enough, Reimu gets drugged by accident in Chapter 16, hinting at Kasen's true identity.
    • In chapter 21, Marisa wonders if there's anything special in the SDM's own version of the Setsubun festival note  This consists of eating futomaki while facing east, which Sakuya flat-out states is meaningless, causing Marisa to Face Fault.
      • Before that, Kasen decides to visit Reimu, sees smoke, and wrongly assumes Reimu's in danger. In fact, she's actually cooking beans for the Setsubun festival. Kasen has an Oh, Crap! moment and screams, confusing Reimu. Reimu even invites her to the festival. Komachi laughs out loud when Kasen tells her about it later that night.
    • Chapter 22. Everyone thinks that the Kappa have seen and captured a manzairaku, a rare fish of good fortune, due to its description, but it turns out to be a seal. The seal then starts playing with one of the kappa, causing another to whip out a light saber, just in case.
    • Chapter 23. When Reimu neglects her duties to do fortune-telling instead (to great success), Kasen has a solution: Dress herself in Reimu's shrine maiden outfit.
      • Before that, Reimu cheerfully declares the gods are real after a brief, passing meeting with a lesser god, despite having personally beaten the crap out of at least three bigger deities (Sanae, Kanako, and Suwako) and, y'know, being a shrine maiden. She then tells Kasen and Marisa that she's decided to use her powers to perform fortune-telling.
      Marisa: That hits you now?
      Kasen: (Sighs in disbelief) So what exactly have you been doing as a shrine maiden all this time?!
      • Reimu's success as a fortune teller is partly derived from her continuously dropping hints to visit the Hakurei Shrine with all the subtlety of a brick to the face. Kasen is puzzled by Reimu's sheer greed despite the fact she is, technically, doing her actual job as a shrine maiden. Unfortunately, the success of Reimu's part-time job results in her neglecting her duties at the shrine. This causes Kasen to take action by dressing as Reimu. Sanae's first reaction to the sight is to laugh at her. note 
      • As a result, Reimu's temple becomes overrun by youkai, drastically reducing her popularity as a fortune teller. Reimu blames Kasen, but Kasen adds more insult to injury by showing how Reimu's shrine has been marked as a hangout spot for youkai...including Seija Kijin, whom much of the Touhou cast hates for being a prankster. Thoroughly upset, Reimu gets a wake-up call to her true purpose, and the gathering gets cancelled.
    • Chapter 25. After witnessing one of Sanae's "shady sermons", Marisa wanders off, musing Reimu's moneymaking schemes would be both shadier and dumber, specifically imagining her selling air tubes. Cut to Kasen walking in on Reimu preparing to do exactly that.
    • Chapter 27. How Reimu pays Kogasa Tatara for fixing her needles.
      • Marisa asks if she can keep Reimu's used needles, noting that they have a history. This is accompanied by a panel full of several Touhou bosses, all bandaged after being struck with the needles.
  • Kasen's own subtitle is merely descriptive, while those of other characters' subtitles (likely assigned by her) are usually bluntly honest or insulting. Such as... Sanae: Shallow and Thoughtless Human, Kanako: Self-sustaining Inflexible God, and Suwako: God in Name Alone.

Touhou Bougetsushou

  • The entire 4-koma manga of Inaba of the Moon & Inaba of the Earth. Some of the notable events:
    • Any scene where Eirin gives Reisen her punishment.
    • Eirin's happy medicine in the first chapter. The human villagers are shocked by the hyperactive rabbit.
    • Dumpling rabbits.
    • Aya Shameimaru's method of writing an article:
      1) Take photos and interview the witnesses to the event.
      2) Write down the story in the article.
    • Cosplayer Kaguya.
    • Reisen and Tewi end up getting lost inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion during the party. Tewi attempts an Epic Fail way to get back and plays with shadow puppets. Then they stumble upon Flandre (or her silhouette) and realize that they are not alone. She's very happy to see them and intends to play with them. They run for their lives, of course.
    • When Eirin falls sick, Kaguya comes in to take care of her. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Any battle involving Kaguya and Mokou. Especially the time Mokou visits Eientei to return a lost bunny to them (courtesy of Tewi).
    • Suwako's appearance in Eientei. Reisen battles her but gets K.O.'d easily since Suwako's a goddess. Eirin intends to dissect her for her frog legs. Meanwhile Kaguya intends to fall on Suwako and imprint her onto a T-shirt for good luck.
    • Reisen's dream where Tewi, Eirin and Kaguya's personalities are completely reversed.
    • The shooting gallery booth at the Sanzu river where the targets shoot back at you.
      • Of course, Komachi's not amused to see Reisen after she gets shot by the "target" and is about to head towards her.
    • Eirin's method of getting rid of Wriggle Nightbug's bug attacks.
    • Tewi's pillage mode.
    • Rabbit Kaguya.
      • During a search for Kaguya, it turns out she got stuck in one of the bamboo plants growing in the store room. The real reason why the bamboo grows too fast: Eirin uses her shady drugs as fertilizer.
    • The appearance of the Moon people ReIsen, Yorihime and Toyohime visiting Eientei.
      • The real reason why Yorihime joins along is because she's not too happy that only Toyohime gets to go visit.
      • Toyohime's quick food-eating method.
      • Toyohime's attempt to take back one of the Earth rabbits by hiding it inside her hat. Naturally, Yorihime's not too happy the second time she attempts this.

Forbidden Scrollery

  • Marisa thinks that Reimu's shrine is on fire and wants to save her. Turns out it's a false alarm, and Marisa accidentally pours water onto Reimu. Marisa says she did it for fun, which sets Reimu on fire.
  • The first re-enactment story told by Kosuzu, acted out by members of Myorenji Temple. The ending is kind of sad, however, as the Tanuki in the story dies, while Mystia and Kyouko are punished as Toramaru puts up a sign stating "This has no relation with the Myorenji Temple".
    • For that matter, Reimu's and Marisa's commentary about the practicality of fairy tales after Kosozu is done reading.
      Reimu: Well, you can learn a lot from fairy tales. Like how to exterminate oni from "Momotarou." Or how to exterminate youkai tanuki from "Kachi-kachi Yama." Or how to exterminate youkai monkeys from "The Monkey and the Crab."
      Marisa: Or how to exterminate Little Red Riding Hood from "Little Red Riding Hood," right?
  • Remilia names a Chupacabra 'Tupai'. Frankly speaking, the Chupachabra is afraid of her place.
  • Marisa and the listening hood. The way she wears it really does make her look like a stereotypical Japanese robber.
    • While Reimu is sick, she manages to stab her gohei directly onto Marisa's head. Upon seeing it, she assumes Marisa's in some weird religion.
    • After discovering that Marisa's white snake is actually a small dragon, Kosuzu just scolds it for ruining her scroll, rather than being afraid of it.
  • Reimu tries to catch a kitsune in a human school note , but instead gets trolled by it as it leaves graffiti on the panels of a sliding door:
    Sign: Not Scared of Your Ofuda.
    Sign: Not Scared of a Dozing Shrine Maiden.
    • Sure enough, Reimu is angered and intends to go all out...then she and Akyuu notice Kosuzu happily cutting out and saving the grafitti'd squares of paper.
  • Akyuu warns Kosuzu about youkai until Kosuzu says:
    Kosuzu: But... But... Miss Reimu always hangs out with the youkai, right?
    • Akyuu shows a mix of surprise and resignation, while a shocked-looking image of Reimu sprouts from Kosuzu's word balloon. Thanks, Mamizou. note 
  • Once again, the Running Gag of Reisen being punished by Eirin, this time for not telling her about her "supersonic cat statue" that is quite popular.
    • Kosuzu in her fortune teller outfit.
      • When Reimu tells her she's going to burn the book:
      Kosuzu: That's okay! You can burn it, since it is not a Youma book. (Reimu, Marisa and Akyuu Face Fault)
    • Kosuzu and Marisa's use of the Ouija Board. Kosuzu suggests speaking English, then chants the "Ouija" name while Marisa chants nonsense words. Reimu then happens to enter her shop, having sensed a dark aura again, and punishes both of them.
    • Mamizou's poor camouflage when she infiltrates the Kappa's plantation.
  • Chapter 33: Aya Shameimaru offers to sell her Bunbunmaru newspaper in Suzuunan. Normally, most youkai wouldn't try to tell Kozusu of their existences or their true identities. What does Aya do to make Kosuzu take her offer?
    Aya: (Wears her tokin hat) I'm actually a tengu! Surprise? :D
    • After getting shocked and dumbfounded, Kosuzu quickly heads to Reimu to tell her what happened and to seek her advice. Reimu pretends to be shocked about it, but her mind shows Dull Surprise thinking "By 'Tengu', I assume she means 'Her'!", automatically knowing the tengu is Aya. After realizing Aya's intentions note  based on Kosuzu's story, Reimu realizes she has no choice but to let Aya sell newspapers in Suzunaan, so she angrily yields.
  • Chapters 42-43; Kosuzu sets up a ghost story event at the shrine. As is the way of things at the shrine, over half the attendees are youkai:
    • Youmu shrieks and clings to Yuyuko during each ghost story.
    • Reimu and Marisa know exactly what happened in Kosuzu's ghost story.
    • Mamizou tells a story from the outside world involving a luxury car with a destination programmed into its navigation system. Reimu visualizes it as a pimped-out rickshaw with an old man sitting in it, providing directions.
    • Yukari chastises Mamizou for telling a story people can't relate to, then tells one about thinking she'd lost her arm in her sleep, only to realize she'd left a portal open to across the room.
    • At the end of the event, Marisa pranks everyone by making a large paper ghost that's been summoned after telling many ghost stories. Only Kozusu faints upon seeing it.
  • Chapter 50:
    • Reimu and Mamizou find an unconscious Marisa who just got beat up by a possessed Kosuzu and take some time figuring out the culprit's nature. Reimu then swears to avenge Marisa... shortly before praying for her and letting Mamizou bury her on the spot.
    Marisa: [Waking up] Hey! Don't just kill me off in your heads! And seriously, who just buries someone where they lie, anyway?!
    Mamizou: Goodness! She just came back to life.

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