Funny / as a whole is a treasure trove of snark and Meta Humor. No entry is entirely without humor and some are genuinely hilarious, even when the subject matter may be played entirely straight.

  • The Transformers Wiki's entry on the Maximal Torture Chamber, with the Suspiciously Specific Denials and the pictures of the CR chamber with the word "LIES" underneath them just adds to the amusement.
  • The TF Wiki is loaded with amusing snark and Running Gags. In another example, their entry on the Gen 1 Episode "The Gambler" has all the pictures subtitled with the lyrics to the famous Kenny Rogers song.
  • Mark Twain and historical accuracy:
    In the real world, Mark Twain did not know Jules Verne personally. However, he also never had the distinction of fighting a giant mechanical cat from space[citation needed] so make what you will of the story.
  • There exists a category called "Things That Don't Exist", which includes entries such as "True Fan" and "Tighter Shirts". (and although it isn't visible to everyone these days, pages in the category still have a link to it at the end: case in point) Even better than that, the first thing on the page is a header with the words "There is currently no text on this page". Followed by the subcategories of Things That Don't Exist, the categories of Things That Don't Exist, and images of Things That Don't exist. Also in the category of Things That Don't Exist is "scale".
  • The page for "Prime Suspect" hilariously points out the ridiculous use of Wrongful Accusation Insurance: "In the course of proving Optimus innocent of breaking and entering, the criminal acts you commit include: resisting arrest, interfering with a crime scene, removing evidence from a crime scene, assaulting a police officer, destruction of police equipment, unauthorized access of a police computer system, vandalism, industrial espionage, breaking and entering. What lesson have we learned today, children?"
  • Their page on Transformers canon. Especially the pictures.
    "So is this."
    "And this."
  • Everything about their entry on the Gen 1 episode B.O.T. You know you're in for a good read when one of the first things you see is:
    Worst. Episode. Ever.
    • The (currently as of Dec. 2013) final note on the episode's Continuity Error section: "This episode was made."
      • The (currently as of Aug. 2016) final note on the Trivia section: Good God, I need a stiff drink.
      • The increasingly exasperated groans of "Argh" headlining each section listing off the problems with the episode (excluding the "Real-World References" and "Continuity Notes" sections) and the list of trivia.
  • The page for Generation 1 Streetwise has a Transformer-fied version of the Shaft theme song in place of an actual character bio. Even funnier if you imagine it in Issac Hayes' voice. It even inspired the personality of the Generation 2 Redux version of the character.
    • Likewise, Sureshot's page has a Transformer-fied version of Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy".
    • Wheelie's (quite long) page is written entirely in rhyme.
  • Infiltration...The Uranium Mine. "Evacuate — drill attack! This is not a drill! I repeat, this drill attack is not a drill!".
  • The story synopsis for the first Transformers movie's tie-in game.
  • The page for Glenn Whitmann.
  • The final note for "Dickbot the blender guy".
  • Their page for ''Transformers: The Beast Within'' (which is widely agreed to be the worst Transformers comic ever made) begins with a sarcastic, overly dramatic description of the comic that describes it as "an epic comparable to The Lord of the Rings or AKIRA". It also includes a single listing in the error section:
    "This comic was produced."
    • The updated error section is also good for a laugh:
    "This comic was produced."
    "This comic was published."
    "This comic was FREAKING WRITTEN."
    • The Wiki's article on the sequel summarizes it as thus:
      "The Beast falls down a hole."
    • This image description:
    "Yes, this thing is canon. I hate you all."
  • Their article on the annoying practice of "Toy Swapping" is pretty funny despite its short length.
  • The article on G1 Wheeljack at one point hangs an amusing lampshade on a Plot Hole and instance of Unexplained Recovery.
    "That was my brother, Jackwheel."
  • G1 Ramjet is portrayed as being obsessed with toast. This leads to such gems as "TOAST. Represent.".
  • The article on Transformer romance has an amusing moment which notes the ambiguity of how Transformers reproduce. It's stated that if you want to know more about that you should look at Fanfiction because there is plenty written on the subject. However as the wiki puts it, "doing so will be at your own risk, and TFWiki accepts no liability for any psychological trauma incurred".
    • The reprodction article takes several pictures of innocent situations out of context and makes them look extremely dirty. The image page for one of them even says "Context is for the weak!".
  • Three things that are always good for a laugh on TFWiki are Michael Bay, Kiss Players and fanboy rage.
  • The wiki would like to let you know that Eject is READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!
  • The page on fanfiction discusses the various types of fan works. While discussing crossover fics, they give this little gem:
    "Because obviously, civilization isn't complete until Soundwave somehow becomes human (or not, who cares? It's a fanfiction!) and enrolls at Riverdale High, Megatron tries to take over Ponyville, Starscream is enrolled into Hogwarts, Razorclaw is made king of the Pridelands, or Grimlock runs rampant in Jurassic Park."
  • The page on Diego Garcia.
    Freedom is the right of all sentient beings...unless we really really need a naval base.
  • All of the Starscream Clones from Transformers Animated (except Slipstream) are given hilarious articles written with their personality in mind:
  • Joe Colton is portrayed as an Expy of Chuck Norris.
    "Joe Colton doesn't sleep, he waits."
  • Jolt's page is filled with jokes about how he's basically a background character.
    "Well, screw you, Michael, I'm gonna go hang with Simon instead! He lets me have a go on the Playstation!"
  • Due to a random reference in the letters page of a comic, the wiki has a page on Rick Astley of all things. The page ends in a link to "A useful and thought-provoking clip that we here at strongly assure you is completely unrelated, yet still relevant, to the topic at hand". Guess where it leads. Take a wild guess.
  • After the whole Mayan doomsday prophecy, December 21st is now marked on the "This Day In History" page as "The End of The World. Bummers". It then includes an anecdote that notes "Actual apocalypse may vary".
  • The page on Christmas claims that everything that ever happened relating to Christmas in Transformers was because of "the magic of Christmas". And free wine.
    • "The magic of Christmas made Circuit Breaker not kill Jazz."
    • "The magic of Christmas made Starscream realize that even if he doesn't care, helping people can make him feel... well, he still doesn't really care."
  • Their page about the 8th issue of Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers. You know you're in for something good when the first line of the page is this:
  • The caption beneath the entry where Waspinator is getting shot reads "...and here we see a wild Waspinator in its natural state."
  • On ROTF Jetfire's page, his final fate is summarized as thus in the toys section:
    "Jetfire died to become a Power Mushroom. There have been worse fates."
  • Cyclonus is portrayed as Galvatron's neglected boyfriend. This leads to gems like "Cyclonus misses the days when Galvatron would be inside him".
  • The page on Sky Lynx (G1) is written to play him up as much as possible.
  • One caption showing Rattrap and Dinobot's... ah, contributions to the Rumble is Red, Frenzy is Blue controversy.
    Rattrap: "Rumble was red!"
    Dinobot: "MAXIMAL LIES!"
  • The aforementioned article on "scale" starts with this succinct summation, worthy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy itself.
    "Scale in Transformers is, not to put too fine a point on it, screwed.
    • The rest of the page goes on to prove it.
    • When explaining Unicron's scaling problems:
    " Not to mention that he's described as a "ginormous weird-lookin' planet," which would lead one to assume that he is significantly larger than your average-sized weird-lookin' planet. Thank you, Jazz. Thank you so much. If Cybertron is the size of Earth's moon (and that's generous), and Unicron is about the size of Cybertron, his hands would be about the size of Europe and Galvatron (to the right) would be about the size of Denmark. There is no explanation for any of this. Just go with it."
    • There's also the caption for the image in the section on the Action Masters vehicle gimmick, which had Transformers drive vehicles, showing Wheeljack driving a car.
    "A car riding inside a car. Wheeljack, you are either a genius or completely nuts."
  • Stinger's bio is written in the style of a fancy car commercial.
  • Shokaract's captions are generally full of hammy goodness, but this one takes the cake.
  • The intro to the bio for the original cartoon's Starscream:
    10: Try to overthrow Megatron
    20: Fail
    30: GOTO 10
  • In the article for Beast Wars Neo-exclusive Maximal, Randy, they explain his toy and how it suffers from a crippling case of Gold Plastic Syndrome. The meat, however, is in the text under the image for the toy:
    Upon transformation to beast mode for this picture, something went "crack" and a spring fell out, accompanied by plastic dust. This is not a joke. This actually happened to this very toy.
  • A number of Gr imlock's captions and flavour text entries are pretty funny;
    ""Me fight with all me—"? Me Grimlock not Irish!"
    "Me Grimlock no understand what I said."
    "Me Grimlock so disappointed me couldn't be at Knott's Berry Farm."
    "Some people got collar and cuffs, me Grimlock got collar and brass knuckles."
    "Me Grimlock will love you and hug you and feed you and pet you and hug you and love you and call you George."
    "One of me Grimlocks are not like the other..."
    "Me Grimlock shake fist impotently at Hasbro logo!"
    ""Grimlock?! What happened to you?" "Me Grimlock not know, but me Grimlock think beer, 3 hookers, and a midget were involved."
    "When me Grimlock go clubbin', me make sure to pack extra mace just in case."
    "Me Grimlock no Yoshi! Me Grimlock KING!"
    "Grimlock no need robot mode! Him Grimlock king!"
  • The page on the Legion is pretty funny:
    "They're kind of horrible."
    "The phrase 'Raped my childhood' seems oddly fitting."
  • Cosmos' G1 bio begins with a homage to Star Trek;
    "Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of Cosmos, Autobot deep-space reconnaissance officer. His continuing mission—to observe Decepticon activities. To provide intelligence to the Autobots in their never ending war. To boldly crash where no other Autobot has crashed before!"
  • The hidden message on the Hiroshima Prime article is pretty funny;
  • Barricade's Movie incarnation's page, for the most part, doesn't refer to Sam by name. He's instead called "ladiesman217".
    • In addition, every incarnation of Barricade has him coming up with some plan to scare "ladiesman217" for fun.
  • Referring to Transformers Energon and its many flaws, we get this;
    "Many fans had hopes that Energon would be a return to glory.
    It was quite the proverbial brick to the testicles, then, that Energon, the televisual representation of Transformers for its 20th anniversary year, turned out to be just the opposite — a series with a strong beginning, which slowly but surely degenerated into what is widely considered the worst Transformers cartoon broadcast in the U.S. In retrospect, the fans' positive initial reaction may have been simply because it wasn't Armada."
    • Staying with Energon, the Running Gag in the episode captions, stating with episode 16
    Caption: This is when people started to revaluate their opinion of Beast Machines.
    • Episode 27 (a clip show):
    Caption: This is when people started to re-evaluate their opinion of Transformers Armada.
    • Episode 37:
    Caption: This is when people started to re-evaluate their opinion of Go-Bots.
    Caption: This is when people started to re-evaluate their decision to stop sniffing glue.
    • One of the captions for Inferno from Energon is simply hysterical, especially when considering the various animation issues:
  • Their page on the contest of blood that is The Black Friday sales bonanza, complete with "actual security footage of a Toys"R"Us on Black Friday.".
    "Shopping on Black Friday is a contact sport; bruises and contusions are commonplace. A helmet and pads are highly recommended, although using tasers or mace is considered unsporting."
  • On G1 Sixshot's page, in the "Commercial Appearances" section, they include his cameo in "The Rebirth, Part 1".
    "You know it was."
  • There's a page on Decapitation. Naturally, the first image is of Movieverse Optimus. The caption sells it.
    "This article only exists to please him."
    • And on a darker note, there's the disambiguator on the page for Empurata:
      This article is about the ritualized punishment involving the removal of a Cybertronian's face. For the casual hobby of removing a Cybertronian's face, see Optimus Prime (Movie).
  • The guys on the wiki promised to keep a caption for Victorion in Combiner Wars, but what did they pick? Lyrics from the song 'Giant Woman' from Steven Universe!
    • Victorion and the Torchbearer articles are all filled with Steven Universe captions.
  • Rartorata's name is written correctly once in his entire article. Every other mention is gibberish, cumulating in a Monty Python reference.
  • "Primus, considered to be the very first Transformer, created the Matrix of Leadership and personally gave it to Optimus! Wait WHAT?"
    Caption: Screw continuity, I don't see YOU with a Matrix!
  • You have an article. Yes, you.
  • Their image for their page on Megan Fox.
    Caption: Does this image even need a caption?
    Image file name: File:Takethismylove950.jpg
    Image description: Megan Fox and "friends".
  • On Optimus Prime's page:
    My Opti Prime don't want none, Unless he's got GUNS Hun.
  • Optimus wants your face.
    • Also from Optimus Prime's page:
    Optimus's rampage through the Hundred Acre Wood left no survivors.
  • I have a giant robot dinosaur. Your argument is invalid.
  • In the caption for the "Decepticon Matrix" page, it says:
    The Decepticon Matrix is a big fat lie from the cartoon portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
    There's no such thing as the Decepticon Matrix. You wanna be leader of the Decepticons? Have Laserbeak perch on your shoulder like everyone else.
  • Erector's page, from the jabs at his almost nonexistant presence in the franchise, the obvious remarks about his name, and the events surrounding Erector being nominated for the Transformers Hall of Fame.
    "Since Erector was nominated for the Hall of Fame, this page has expanded to nearly triple its previous size, thus proving there's always something to say about anything."
  • The Caption page includes a list of captions the wiki is sick of, closing with "The many things Bonecrusher hates. Which coincidentally includes all of the above."
  • The Wiki's "threat" about the mixing up the spellings for "Cannon" and "canon" in the page for the former.
  • From the IDW Hasbro Wiki, buried in the cover notes for M.A.S.K. #7:
  • The page for When Worlds Collide:
  • A really subtle one: The Featured Article for November 2017 was for the Transformers Animated episode "Black Friday".

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