Funny: Sword of Truth

  • In Wizard's First Rule, Richard first meets the Mud People, and makes a good first impression. The Mud People greet one another with some kind of blow to the face (a slap or a punch), meaning they respect one another's strength. When Richard first meets one, the Mud Person punches him in the face, Richard responds by laying him out on his back. When he gets up, the Mud Person says that he's very glad that Richard respects his strength, and really hopes that Richard doesn't come to respect him any more.
  • The German audio book has two voice actors: The first book is voiced by Tobias Kluckert, who has previously voiced Raditz in Dragon Ball Z, and the rest of the series (which is still progressing as of 2012) is done by Oliver Siebeck, known as the voice of Vegeta from the same series (counting from episode 36, from where he took over after a massive Internet Backdraft formed when Vegeta's first voice was revealed to be Spongebob). Siebeck clearly has a lot of fun when doing the voices of some particularly snobby or whiny characters - it's worth it just to hear Vegeta's voice bitch whenever one of the more militant Sister's of the Light are speaking. Needless to say, the evil characters sound more awesome than they have any right to be.
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