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Funny: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The musical

  • "A Little Priest", where Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett engage in an extended series of wordplay and Incredibly Lame Puns regarding the various "flavors" to be obtained from different kinds of people. Morbid? Of course. Funny? Very much so.
    • "With or without his privates?" (Beat.) "With is extra."
    • "Locksmith?"
  • One I remember from a (very good) local presentation is the scene leading up to "By the Sea". I can't remember the exact lines, but Sweeney says something that prompts Mrs. Lovett to respond "Oh, come on, now, we're running a perfectly legitimate business here." as she puts on a bloodstained apron. But the crowning moment of funny comes right after "Epiphany" (Sweeney's very awesome Start of Darkness song in which he, among other things, threatens the audience).
    Mrs. Lovett: That's very well and good, but what about him? (Referring to Pirelli)
    • The entirely in By The Sea is hilarious, with Lovett being all lovey-dovey and Sweeney being completely indifferent to her (particularly in the Lansbury one, where she's dancing around, and he's just sitting and thinking)
  • This little bit right after Anthony and Johanna escape the asylum:
    Will we be married on Sunday?
    That's what you promised,
    Married on Sunday...
    That was last August...
  • Most of the lines in Kiss Me and its reprise. Especially:
    • Johanna singing nervously about how she hears something, it's a click! The Judge is back, and he's at the gate except she realizes, Wait, we don't have a gate.
    • ''Sir I did love you/even as I saw you/even as it doesn't matter that I still don't know your name!"
  • During the Johanna reprise, a man comes in for a shave and sits down. Sweeney is about to begin his shall we say method, when a young lady comes in behind the man. The look on Sweeney's face is priceless.
  • The contest between Pirelli and Todd in the Hearn/Lansbury version. Pirelli is being all flair and pomp, not even aware of the man's pain as he shaves him. Meanwhile, Todd just mixes the lather, sharpenes the blade, ect. Pirelli's expressions and gestures are pretty funny, but the man he's shaving's expression at the line 'Talent given to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! By GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! |-' is priceless.
  • This line from Judge Turpin:
    Turpin: Come, walk with me, for I have news for you. In order to shield her from the evils of this world, I have decided to marry Johanna next Monday.
    Beadle: Ah, sir, happy news indeed!
    Turpin: Strange...when I offered myself to her, she showed a certain reluctance.
  • In the 2005 revival, right before "Ladies In Their Sensitivities," Judge Turpin says that if Johanna greets him more fondly upon his return from court, he may "give her a small gift." The Beadle can't suppress a small chuckle, before quickly turning serious when Turpin shoots him a look.

The 2007 film

  • "By The Sea". While the song itself isn't all that funny, watch it with the visuals, and it's pretty hysterical. It appears that Todd doesn't want to kiss Lovett, not even in a dream sequence.
  • Anthony, and how he interrupts everything.
    • And that moment just after Johanna, when he gets told to keep away from her and beaten with a cane. He comes out of the Judge's house with blood all over his face and what does he do? Start singing Johanna again. This troper never thought of him as The Determinator, but after this scene, revised her view.
    • Particularly amusing is how the Beadle calmly gives Anthony directions to where he was going all while literally throwing him out the door and beating him with the cane. The lines are delivered like the two just met on the street for a chat, and one wasn't comitting violent assault on the other.
  • Signor Pirelli. That is all.
    • I'd bet Pirelli only owns the one suit — but there's no question that he does have a spare pair of socks.

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