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Funny: Surgeon Simulator 2013
  • A meta one: the original version of this game is an entry in the 2013 Global Game Jam, of which the theme is "The Sound of a Heartbeat". A Bloody Hilarious game that "simulates" a heart transplant by the worst doctor ever lived does take this theme to its literal extreme.
  • The Achievement Hunter Let's Play. That is all.
  • Basically any playthrough has the potential to be this. For example, Markiplier has been known to snap during playthroughs and engage in shenanigans like rubbing the patient's intestines on their face or slapping the patient silly and giving him derp eyes during eye transplants.
  • Many of the achievements:
    • Vworrrp Vworrrp: Create a Time Lord.
    • Flippin' The Bird: Show the patient your disdain.
    • About As Politically Correct As Fur: Give the patient a... scarf. note 
    • The Beat Of Your Heart: Replace the heart with something else. note 
    • I'm Sure He'll Live: Complete the surgery with less than 10ml of blood remaining.
    • I Immediately Regret This Decision: Electrocute and drug yourself at the same time.
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