Funny / Surf's Up

  • Every single scene with Chicken Joe. Clucking Funny indeed. Particularly stoner chickens.
  • The "interview" with Chicken Joe's father. It starts out with a picture of a chicken, then zooms out to reveal that said picture is actually on a bucket of fried chicken.
    • Similarly, Cody Maverick's father. We start with an image of Bob Maverick waving, only to zoom out to reveal that he's seconds from being devoured by an orca.
  • Geek healing Cody's foot by peeing on it. It kind of disregards avian biology, but it's still funny.
    • Considering these are surfing penguins, that's forgivable. Besides, even though it's not widely known, some birds — particularly aquatic birds — can produce straight urine. Apparently enough to kill sea urchin venom!
      • Speaking of which, the talking sea urchin.
        Stepped on me? Stepped on me?! The guy was dancin' on me! Look at this: broken, broken, gone, gone, broken, broken.
  • Geek's little ride on the log, becoming a Funny Background Event with Chicken Joe passing near (and entirely missing) the two of them.
  • During Cody's training sequence, he turns his back to the surf while arguing with Geek. Big Z simply draws an X on the beach and counts down: "5...4...3...2...1..." — and Cody washes up right on the spot.
    • And in a bit of revenge, Cody gets to do the same thing to Geek later, when he distracts him enough to forget he's out in the surf.
  • The undercrank montage when Mikey's singlehandedly setting up the surf competition. The music (and Mikey) start speeding up faster and faster, while Reggie gets a montage of him drinking, belching and sleeping.
  • The scene where Chicken Joe recounts how the native Pengu-ans "treat him as their king, and put him in their hot tub."