Funny / Superior Spider-Man

  • Superior Spider-Man #3, JJJ creates a Spider Signal, as a way to summon Spider-Man. Otto promptly destroys it, saying it was a test, as it would be an incredibly stupid idea, since it would tell every villain in the city where he is. JJJ just shuts up and nods.
  • From his team-up with Daredevil. "Thank God for Stilt-Man!"
  • Issue 4 was funny from start to finish, from Otto learning with displeasure that Peter is not a doctor to Ghost Peter snarking about Otto's age.
  • Also in Issue 4 when Modell and Jackson check up on Otto's mad science experiment, his Robot Buddy — a reprogrammed Living Brain — asks if they want tasty beverages which they decline, a few pages later:
    The Living Brain: Tastier beverage?
    Jackson: Tastier?
    The Living Brain: Added sugar, humans like sugar.
  • Issue 6. Otto still laughs like a good old-fashioned supervillain, which creeps out Peter's coworkers.
  • The Green Goblin is back in fine form, and his Snark-to-Snark Combat with the Hobgoblin is epic.
  • The Splendiferous Spider Hero (No Hyphen).
    • Does whatever a mysterious stranger can.
  • Superior Venom insanely yelling at a person for texting while driving.
  • Ghost Peter's reaction to Parker Industries. Otto's reaction to it is even more hilarious.
  • At one point during a team-up in A+X #14 Otto responds badly to Magneto's pop-psychoanalysis by screaming that perhaps Magneto hasn't experienced tragedy on the scale that Spider-Man has... revealing himself as completely unaware that Magneto is a Holocaust survivor. When Magneto simply deadpans his reply, a wide-eyed Otto only stares before hanging his head in shame.
  • After Peter regains control of his own body, the Green Goblin notes that he is going to leave him (thinking he's talking to Otto) with nothing. The way the real Spider-Man reintroduces himself is hysterical.
    Green Goblin: When it all goes boom, you'll have nothing left! hahahaha!
    Amazing Spider-Man: Except the dignity of knowing I never carried a man-purse.
    Green Goblin: It's you.
    Amazing Spider-Man: The one and only.
  • Peter running into Miguel O'Hara after regaining control of his body - Peter's confused at Miguel's presence in 2014, whilst Miguel starts tearing into Peter over leaving the battle so he could change his costume. Peter promptly sums up the whole "Freaky Friday" Flip and Miguel's response is to note that the situation sounds "just stupid enough to be right."
  • The Superior Spider-Man introducing himself to Black Cat, in a Crosses the Line Twice way.
  • Otto's meeting with Nick Fury Jr.:
    Otto: And just who are you, exactly?
    Nick: ...Fury. Nick Fury.
    Otto: Right. And I'm Samuel L. Jackson.
  • In #9 of the Team-Up series, Otto misremembers what Anna Maria told him about "the bullet that killed someone named "Two Packs" that apparently kicked off some bi-coastal wrapping war."
  • While he was chastising the then-new second Nova (Sam), Otto attempts to channel Peter's usual quips and pop culture references. He ends up sounding like... well an old man struggling to grasp "youth culture", with a failed attempt to reference Justin Beiber and then a brief rant on teen pop stars. Sam's reaction to SpOck's behavior in general.
    Nova: Wow! Spider-Man's kind of a D@*$.