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Funny: Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Warning! All spoilers below are unmarked.

  • Gundam. Looks, sounds and speaks like an evil warlord, what is his talent? Animal breeding, his current pets being four cute hamsters. And the hamsters are called The Four Dark Gods of Destruction!
    • His quotes in both the Japanese and English versions are equally hammy, hilarious, and epic.
  • A number of the characters have rather ridiculous expression or faces that betray your thoughts on them.
    • Kuzuryuu, a baby-faced, small, rosy-cheeked Super High School Level Gangster!
    • Nanami's sleepy face, as well as her "offended" face.
    • Ibuki Mioda's pinnochio-like "oni" face.
  • Sonia Nevermind speaking like a formal princess, exactly as you'd expect...and then randomly throwing "hella", "tomfoolery", or "you betcha" into the mix or making references to outdated Japanese popular culture. Then she proceeds to one-up herself by cursing like a sailor in Chapter 5.
  • If you've got English voice acting enabled, Ibuki will occasionally yell "POINTING!" whenever she makes the appropriate gesture.

Chapter 1
  • At the end of Fuyuhiko's introduction:
    Fuyuhiko: Hey, bastards... If we're all done here, how 'bout you dumbasses make like a tree and fuck off?
  • The conversation that results from Fatogami's attempts at unifying the group.
    Fatogami: If you want me to get to the point, you better hurry up and answer my question.
    Akane: What do we need? We need food and sleep, obviously. Right?
    Nidai:'ve forgotten about shitting... Which means the answers are: a good appetite, a good night's sleep, and a good shit!!!
    Fatogami: ...Does anyone have a real answer?
  • Togami nobly takes it upon himself to test the food in the restaurant for poison... though his sample size is rather large. Then he nobly pounces on the churrasco at the party to protect them all from the skewers.
  • During the trial, Komaeda reveals his intentions, leading to this gem:
    Ibuki: Holy crap! He's *totally* the type of guy who spent his childhood killing neighborhood pets!
    Sonia: He seems like the sort of person whose eyes light up while watching "Friday the 13th"... Just like me.
  • Ibuki tries to figure out what happened during the blackout, only to spout off a complete non sequitur:
    Ibuki: Ah! If you cross your eyes like this, it gives you doublevision!
  • Ibuki provides sound effects!
    Ibuki: The killer lurked under the floorboards during the party and from there..."stab stab stab!"
    Teruteru: Hmm, are you sure?
    Ibuki: You don't like "stab stab stab"...? Should it sound more fleshy like "*splat shank stab!*"?
  • One more for the count:
    Akane: So what's an "aspersion" anyway? Is it yummy?
    Hiyoko: Did you know asbestos is also yummy? You should try some later!
  • Hanamura's breakdown at the end of the trial; he devolves into completely unintelligible rural gibberish which somehow ends with him screaming "AVRIL LAVIGNE!". As the cherry on top, Monomi - who has been translating for the other students - dutifully parrots this last line even though everyone could hear it. To put this one in context, Avril Lavigne is a popular Canadian singer-songwriter. She has absolutely nothing to do with Hanamura's profession; her name is just dropped out of nowhere to show how crazy Hanamura has become.
    • In the P.T.A., one of the statements you have to shoot down is "PARIS HILTON!"
    • It's also funny to see Pekoyama near him, locked in a sprite with her mouth wide open while gesturing, which lasts for the duration of his Villainous Breakdown. Considering her tendency to be The Stoic, it seems that even Pekoyama is rendered speechless by the culprit's breakdown.
    • Hanamura's breakdown is further punctuated in the official English version by Todd Haberkorn providing a thick Cajun accent. It has to be heard to be believed.
  • After the end of the chapter, Komaeda goes on this really hokey spiel about hope after having led Hanamura and Togami to their deaths. Akane offers to punch him, but Hinata tells her to lay off and ignore him. Not a minute later, and...
    Komaeda: You don't even remember your own talent...
    Hinata: ...Owari, go ahead and punch him.
  • The tradition of silly multiple-choice options continues.
    Hinata: Komaeda's talent...? His talent was...
    Ultimate Lucky Student / Ultimate Unlucky Student / Ultimate Transporter / Ultimate Babyface
    • If you choose the last one, several students will stare with a blank expression before Kuzuryuu yells "Why the hell are you looking at me!? Do you wanna sleep with the motherfucking fishes!?"
  • Owari crying over food at the party.
  • In the English version, when Peko is suspected of killing Byakuya, Ibuki suggests a motive.
    Ibuki: Was this island not big enough for two glasses-wearers?
  • Midway through the trial, Monokuma offers an extremely large sum of money ($10 billion in the official translation) if you guess the killer, and threatens to delete your save game if you fail. He then asks if you're willing to accept the challenge, and both buttons lead to the same response telling you he was just kidding.

Chapter 2
  • Ibuki's response to Hiyoko spontaneously hugging Mahiru.
    Ibuki: 'Welcome to the world of girl love! It's slippery when wet!'
  • Monokuma's super-muscular transformation.
  • Komaeda monologuing at the beginning, only to be interrupted by someone shouting "SHUT UUUUUUUUUP!!" and a crashing sound. Turns out it was either Souda or Nidai, who then proceed to tie him and lock him away. Their attempt to negate any involvement with it is abysmal.
  • Souda gets himself and Hinata invited to the girls' beach party hoping to see Sonia in a bikini. Cue Sonia showing up in a wetsuit.
    • When Peko shows up, Ibuki seems jealous of her body and takes her bust size as a challenge.
    Ibuki: Time to pump these puppies full of silicon.
  • Tanaka, true to form, offers a line that's both magnificent and hysterical:
    Gundam: Monokuma. I shall listen to you spout nonsense all you want, while I puff cigar smoke at your lifeless body.
  • This line from Orenronen's translation:
    Souda: When life gives you lemons, you make limoncello!
    Hinata: Lemonade. You make lemonade.
  • During the trial, when they're discussing who's who in Twilight Syndrome.
    Tsumiki: Wh-Why am I in a video game? Th-That's an infringement of my right to privacy!
    Saionji: Ha! A nasty, trashy, pigshit like you doesn't have any privacy rights!
    Nanami: Ah..."A nasty, trashy, pigshit"... I feel like I heard that in the game too.
    Saionji: ...Huh?
    Hinata: Girl B was short and foulmouthed... She's probably Hiyoko.
    Saionji: Short and foulmouthed...? That's like the complete opposite of me!
  • After one of Nagito's... outbursts:
    Akane: We can just lightly punch him to death later.
  • Peko's "Sparkling Justice" speech, complete with fancy emoticons! It wouldn't be practical to transcribe it in its entirety here, though...
  • The bonus Big Lipped Alligator Moment in which Hinata descends into a nut-induced frenzy.

Chapter 3
  • The group's general reaction to Ibuki Mioda's singing performance.
    Tanaka: S-Such an overwhelmingly baleful resonance! Even my Four Dark Devas of Destruction look less lively than usual!
    Sonia: I-I starting to feel chills...!
    Mikan: With a title like "From Me to You", I thought it was going to be a sweet love song!
    Hinata: I-If I recall...the reason why Ibuki left the high school girl's band was...
    Nanami: Creative Differences ...
    Hinata: That...must be why.
    Hiyoko: Yahooooo! It's awesome! That's the first time I've heard such a famous song! :D
    • The best part is Souda's face specifically (since he's more shocked now than when he sees executions) and/or the fact that Hiyoko is the only one who enjoys it.
    • There's also the next part of Ibuki's performance:
    Ibuki: Grab a partner and slow dance to..."I Squeezed Out the Baby But I Have No Idea Who the Father Is."
    • What's more hilarious, (if you really hate him) is even Nagito sounds like he's going to drop dead once he heard Ibuki's going to sing another song. Also in the hospital room, it proven that his fear of Ibuki's true that he spout nonsense speculations that Ibuki has twins and end up like one of the bands called Veronicas.
  • The entirety of the "Wizard of Monomi" movie, which is Stylistic Suck in its finest form. From the film being shot in "2.5 D" (to say nothing of the very crude animation style), to the Monokuma in the film being an Author Avatar Jerk Sue who cons old people and kills various Wizard of Oz characters with Monomi's likeness, to a vague description of how he killed the "Wizard" (Monomi again), Hinata is rendered speechless at the end, as Monokuma fishes for compliments.
    Hinata: I'm too disgusted to even let out a sigh right now... That's all I can say to describe this situation...
  • Later on, in the middle of the trial, Akane complains about how all of the killers are getting their supplies from the same place:
    Akane: Again with the supermarket... That place is a hot spot for criminal goods.
  • The natural result of Ibuki getting a Despair Disease that causes her to believe everything she's told, while Nagito gets a disease that causes him to constantly lie.
    Nagito: Be careful Ibuki! Hajime's dangerous. He wants to kill you and eat you.
    Hajime: Wh-What are you saying!?
    Ibuki: Mr. Hajime! I am not tasty! Please do not eat me!
    Hajime: He's obviously lying!
    Ibuki: I see! So it was a lie!
  • Ibuki, while suffering from the Despair Disease, when she's asked if she can walk.
    Ibuki: Allow me to confirm! I just have to alternate the movements of my left and right leg, correct!?
  • When the group is discussing whether Ibuki's "suicide" video was filmed at the music venue, in the conference room or somewhere else, Akane remarks, "Hajime, you're pretty stupid!" Several others chime in with white noise agreeing or disagreeing with the suggestion, as well as pointing out that Akane is not one to talk, and "you're pretty stupid" is even a weak point that you can try to disprove.

Chapter 4
  • The roller coaster ride. Souda pretty much had to be forced onto the coaster by the rest of the group, and his and Gundam's expressions during the ride are priceless.
  • Sonia's reaction to RoboNidai.
    • Souda's reaction is pretty hilarious as well. He's a little too enthusiastic when he asks Nidai if he could take him apart so he could study him. And both times when Nidai claims he has a new ability, Souda's first question is "Is it flying?"
  • RoboNidai's ability to create beverages from his eyes. And his enthusiasm in offering Hinata a drink.
    • Similarly, his sorrow at his inability to poop, manifested largely in staring forlornly at the men's room.
  • Gundam calling Sonia a virgin, and Sonia revealing she isn't. And the fact that she's only disappointed because it means she can't go to an amusement park in Hell with Gundam.
  • Sonia, who hasn't eaten due to Monokuma's sick game of locking them in a tower without food unless someone is murdered starts seeing her friends' faces as cake and even asks, as politely as always, if she could eat a part of them.
    Sonia: My goodness, Hajime...when did your face become Mont Blanc all of a sudden? Um...just the corner is fine, so...may I take a bite out of you?
    Sonia: Oh my, now there's an adorable shortcake.
    Chiaki: I'm not a shortcake... I'm Chiaki.
    Sonia: Oh my, Hajime...Upon closer inspection, your face looks like a Sachertorte! Might I trouble you for a bite near the center? I shall repay the favor later!
    Hinata: Sonia, get a grip on yourself....
  • The gang splits up several times to explore the new island; each time, Souda declares that he'll be going with Sonia, only for someone else to inform him that she already left with Gundam.
  • At the start of the trial, Souda is led to believe that Hajime, Sonia, and Chiaki were up to...unsavory things prior to finding Nekomaru. Sonia shoots him down in her own way:
    Sonia: Imbecile! I am not some woman with flexible legs!
    • After Souda predictably backpedals, Akane chimes in:
  • At one point during the class trial, Gundam starts an argument to refute an earlier conclusion (as only Gundam could) and Sonia enthusiastically helps him out. One of the white noises flying by as they go back and forth:
    When did they become a comedy duo?

Chapter 5
  • The group is debating whether or not Komaeda would have died instantaneously from his spear wound:
    Sonia: If you got penetrated by something so big and thick, you would die instantly!
    Souda: ...I'm sorry...I didn't catch all that...
    Sonia: Like I said, if you got penetrated by something so big and thick, you would die instantly!
    Souda (blushing): Ah, say it one more time...I need to record it...for reasons...
  • Hinata finds the helicopter that was used in Hanamura's execution. So what does he do? He tries punching the "piece of shit" which (obviously) only ends up hurting himself instead. Seems like Akane's violent habits have started rubbing off on him.
  • When the group is discussing how the victim could have done certain things while his hands were tied, Akane repeatedly suggests that the victim used his penis (or rather, his "front tail").
  • After Hajime makes a point about how the victim's right arm wasn't actually tied, Akane offers to let him touch her boobs in return, leading to the following:
    Sonia: Akane! You should not give it away for free! Make sure they pay you first!
    Fuyuhiko: That's definitely wrong!
    Akane: Fine... I just gotta get a Benjamin from him before I let him touch me, right?
    Fuyuhiko: That's not what I meant! I was talking about Nagito!
    • Soon after, when Hajime's point appears to be in doubt, Akane demands a refund for the "down payment," and Hajime wonders how he can return something she never gave him.
    Akane: Hajime...y-you tricked me! Gimme back that Benjamin!
    Hajime: N-Not only did she try to charge she wants the money back...what the heck?
    • When Akane challenges Hajime to prove his point:
    Akane: If it's somethin' lame, I'll make you give back the Benjamin with 10,000 percent interest!

Chapter 6
  • "If this is a game... are my words being displayed in a text window right now?!", says Soda... which is, obviously, displayed in a text window. That's probably the hardest the 4th Wall has ever been leaned on.
  • "Cuz it's a game!"
  • During the final trial the original Byakuya shows up. Akane apparently forgot that the "Togami" they knew before was an imposter and the true Togami was much thinner since her first reaction to his arrival is to comment on how much weight he has "lost" and voice pity for him because of his current "condition". Togami is not amused.
    • Byakuya also remarks than Junko is a lot bigger than he remembers. AI Junko tries to come on to him, saying that there are a lot of kinky things he can do with a big girl like her. Byakuya promptly tells her to shut up.
  • When it's finally time for the mastermind to reveal their true identity, Monokuma starts Lampshading One-Winged Angel tropes before transforming. Their first lines afterwards are a whole bunch of Lampshade Hanging of other videogame cliches, from action to bishojo games.
  • Sonia blurts out that she did a lot of "disgraceful" things in front of the surveillance cameras. Byakuya's laconic reply: "You...sure did."
  • When Hajime ponders what will happen to him and the other survivors when the shutdown occurs and the Graduation Program doesn't complete, one of the multiple-choice options is... "Lose Monocoins."
  • "You'reIzuruKamukuraYou'reIzuruKamukuraYou'reIzuruKamukuraYou'reIzuruKamukuraYou're"
  • In the epilogue, Kirigiri makes a subtle reference about how "there's someone waiting for (Togami) to return." Togami groans, "...Don't make me remember something so horrifying." It's fairly clear that she's talking about Fukawa/Genocider.

Free Time Events
  • "Fat Togami"'s Free Time events, in which Togami talks in perfect seriousness about body mass indexes or deciding which meat is better than the other, and mulls over the possible conspiracy behind a spurious German proverb about chicken and beef neglecting to mention pork.
  • In Komaeda's first Free Time event, he tries to help Hinata figure out his talent by suggesting some, which include Ultimate Serenity, Clumsy Student, Scatterbrain, and Spiky Hair.
  • In Sonia's final Free Time event, she explains how Hinata matches the description of a legendary hero of Novoselic:
    Sonia: You wear a white shirt just like the legend says, and your hair looks like an antenna! And your face... is completely unremarkable!
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