Funny / Summer Knight

  • The rain of toads is a bit squicky, and is sad for anyone fond of amphibians, but it's also kind of hilarious. Especially when Harry has to switch on the windscreen wipers.
  • The best battlecry ever: "I don't believe in faeries!!"
    • To put this one in perspective: Harry was in an area of the Nevernever teeming with warriors of both Summer and Winter Courts, about to take part in a battle that LITERALLY held the balance of the entire world at stake... and he has the cojones to say that. Crazy Awesome to the extreme.
    • For those unfamiliar with Peter Pan, in that work a fairy dies when you stop believing in them.
  • Harry getting the Unravelling from Aurora and yelling "meep meep!" before running off.
  • Harry's response to Maeve's ham-handed, but magically enhanced, attempts at seduction by unzipping his fly and pouring a jar of ice cold water directly onto his crotch.
  • When confronted with an angry centaur and a Sidhe lord who asks Harry if he is in fact Harry Dresden, our hero has the perfect answer.
    Harry: If I'm not, he's going to be upset with me when he catches me running around in his underpants.
  • All of the many Shakespearean shout-outs, and especially Harry and Billy's lampshading at the end. "Lord, what fools these mortals be."
  • "Spenser never mentions that the Faerie Queen has a great ass. So I notice these things. So sue me."
  • Harry's (lack of) Latin skills. Stupid correspondence course.
  • When Harry follows Fix, Ace, and Meryl into the alley outside the funeral, he gets his ass beat to the point that he can't speak clearly. When he tries to assure the panicking changelings that he's not there to cause trouble, his gibberish causes Fix to flip out and yell "He's casting on us!" Cue Meryl chucking Harry into a dumpster.
  • Harry taking the habit of using Exact Words when dealing with Faeries too far.
    Lea: Give me your hand, child.
    Harry: I need my hand, Godmother. Both of them.
  • The Running Gag of Harry needing a haircut. Especially when it culminates during Harry's meeting with Lea.
    Lea: And consider a haircut. You look like a dandelion.
  • Harry goes on a soliloquy over how planes are incredibly amazing at the fact that they can fly at thousands of feet from the floor, yet someone will complain about the drinks... as he runs up the literal Stairway to Heaven (well, to the place where the Stone Table is) and he complains about it not being an escalator.
  • While Mab and Harry are observing the battle, Harry makes a stupid remark, and Mab actually glances away from her troops, thus defying her very function as Queen, just so she can give him a withering look.
    Mab took her eyes from the battle long enough to give me a look that said, quite clearly, that I was an idiot.
  • While fighting the plant monster, Harry realizes it needs a more serious name.
    The plant monsteróNo, wait. I couldnít possibly refer to that thing as a ďplant monster.Ē Iíd be a laughingstock. Itís hard to give a monster a cool name on the spur of the moment.
    • He then settles on the even-more-ridiculous-sounding 'chlorofiend'.
    • Later turns into a Brick Joke when he calls it a "chlorofiend" out loud and then immediately has to clarify to Murphy that he meant the plant monster. And then it happens again with Susan in Death Masks.
  • Toot-toot's attempt to mimic traditional military mannerisms with his little crowd of faerie comrades. He's trying so hard to look and sound like a hard-nosed commander but his accoutrement is made of bottle caps and other random junk and he keeps mixing up his military slang with similar-sounding words. It's both hilarious and adorable.
    Toot-toot: Everyone fall apart for messy!
  • Mab, The Queen of Air and Darkness, approaches Harry to congratulate him over his victory. Harry is so exhausted by this time, the only response he can muster is weary "Go away, Mab", without even looking at her. And she finds it Actually Pretty Funny.
  • How did Harry work out that the toads from the first chapter were real? Simple - the one he'd picked up before the attempt on his life had crapped in his hand.
  • At the mall, when confronted by Grum, Harry has a genius plan: throw marbles on the ground. Instead of slipping, the massive Grum just ends up squashing the marbles flat as he casually walks over them. Later on, after the chaos of fighting the chlorofiend, Harry runs into Murphy, who is now limping.
    Murphy: One of those bastards must have thrown a bunch of marbles on the floor. I slipped on one. Itís my knee.
    Harry: Oh. Uh.
    Murphy: (blinks in disbelief) You did that?
    Harry: Well, it was a plan at the time.
    Murphy: Harry, thatís not a plan, itís a Looney Tune.