Funny / Sum 41

What happens you put four crazy boys in a band? Some pretty hilarious stuff, actually. Way better than whatever the hell One Direction were doing in that movie.
  • During the "Sake Bombs and Happy Endings" tour, Deryck announces to the crowd that they were going to play their "one and only love song" (Justified, because they really didn't have any at the time), only to go into playing "A.N.I.C."
  • From the "Makes No Difference" music video and "The Adventures of Sum 41" video, them robbing a pizza store with pantyhose on their heads and Nerf water guns in their hands.
  • Sum 41 MTV Campus Invasion
    • The band member's introductions.
    Cone: My name's Cone.
    • Dave's introduction.
    Dave: My name is Dave Brownsound. I came out of my mom and I was brown, and I make sound with my guitar, I guess.
    • Steve spelling out the sign outside to say "Anus Invasion" and changing their band name to "Sum F4rtie 1".
      • American Hi-Fi ends up becoming "E Ca Hi."
    • When Steve gets caught by a cop changing the sign, this gem occurs.
    Cop: What's your favorite swear word?
    Steve: Fu- ######' cops.
    • Cone's description of Deryck contradicts itself so much it's hilarious.
    Cone: Always looking to pick up girls... sometimes he doesn't shower for two or three days straight, don't tell him I said that.
    • Dave's opinion on people who don't watch porn.
    Dave: You're lying to yourself. Stop. Lying.
  • When the boys go to McDonald's, and Deryck drinks the Coca-Cola straight from the fountain.
  • Deryck and Steve talking about how hot Beyonce is, and start singing "Survivor" in falsetto voices with the [[Mondegreen wrong lyrics.]]
    Cone: I don't think they're hot.
    Deryck and Steve: Woah, what!?
    Cone: I just don't think they're hot!
  • Steve and Cone's exchange- especially Steve's side, and how it keeps going from that to Steve and Cone messing around.
    Steve: Red Alert!