Funny / Suikoden IV

  • How about the first time the heroes meet a mermaid?
    Mermaid: The master is always angrey, I hate it.
    • Okaaay
  • Speaking of mermaids, this scene is EXTREMELY funny!
  • Setsu distracting the incoming Kooluk army by mooning them.
  • Gau and Dario's combo attack involved the former grabbing the latter by the ankles, swinging him and sending him flying towards the enemy. On a rare occasion Gau will underestimate his own strength and send Dario flying to become a Twinkle In The Sky. Dario will inexplicably remain in the party for the next turn.
  • There's an honestly cartoonish scene after you meet Ted where the group is walking over a blank from one ship to another. Suddenly, the plank falls out from underneath Ted, causing him to briefly feel for the plank in midair, realize it's not there, and then freaks out as he flails in the air before falling, luckily getting caught by the protagonist before falling.