Funny: Strawberry 100%

  • Nishino's reply to Komiyama's love declaration.
  • In one of the many occasions Sotomura decided to have some fun at Manaka's expense, he asked Nishino, Tojo and Satsuki to describe their ideal partner. Hilarity Ensued when Manaka's status as Kavorka Man got lampshaded again.
    Satsuki: "A boy who can make me laugh."
    Nishino: "I don't have an ideal partner. I may have very definite tastes in boys, but I fell in love for someone completely different."
    Satsuki: "You're right! Sometimes you like completely average guys with no apparent reason!"
    Manaka *thinking*: "Are you talking about me?"
    Nishino: "Guys who are not attractive at all and are admitted to high school as replacements..."
    Satsuki: "Guys who are bad at sports and in junior high played soccer just to do something..."
    Nishino and Satsuki start glaring at each other
    Manaka *thinking*: "I have a bad feeling about this..."
    Tojo gives Manaka a sad smile to try and console him.'
    Manaka *thinking again*: "Tojo, don't give me such a sad smile!"
  • Episode 5 at the end of 1st part when most of the main girls appear at the same time at the same place.
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