Funny: Stranger Than Fiction

  • Karen: "I don't need nicotine patches, I smoke cigarettes."
  • Harold tries to prevent the plot from advancing by doing nothing but sitting and watching TV... so the plot bursts through his wall and eats his television!
    • Even more hilarious, when he turns on the television, it runs a number of nature documentaries that show animals dying in horrific ways. Harold desperately wants to change the channel...but can't because he promised himself that he wouldn't do anything.
  • Also, Doctor Hilbert's quiz that he gives to Harold to determine what kind of story he's in.
    Dr. Hilbert: Aren't you relieved to know you're not a golem?
  • Karen: (narrating) "Why was Harold talking to this man?... This man was an idiot." And Harold gives a sort of half-nod as if he agrees with his narrator.
  • "He was elated and surprised by his somewhat flirtatious encounter with Miss Pascal. So elated that he exited the Transit Authority Bus a good twenty-seven blocks early and would now have to walk." Cue poor Harold turning back to try and board the bus again, to no avail.