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Funny: Story Of The Century
  • Erin and L's first meeting. Ostensibly, L seeks her out because she littered and wanted to "give her trash back to throw away properly," but considering what it was she threw away (a photograph of what would later be identified as Rem that no one but Erin could see), there might have been another motivation behind it...
  • Erin's attempt at an interview with Takada in Chapter 2 ("Interview").
  • In Chapter 10 ("Rumble"), after L and Light have their big fight in Misa's room, Erin has been hiding in Misa's bathroom watching it. Then she exposes herself...
    I had a lousy sneeze. Mine was the kind that, if I stood on top of the Alps or something, and I did it, would reduce the whole damn mountain to a pile of rubble and snow. It could've been my imagination, but I could hear it echo all across the bathroom, the whole suite, the entire floor, for Christ's sake, bouncing off the walls like jeers.
    "Bless you."
    "Th-that wasn't Misa, Light."
    The one time the guys finally listened to me, I hadn't wanted them to. Irony sucks.
    In fact, in some kind of final stand, I tried to cram myself into Misa's linen closet when I heard the three of them heading towards the bathroom, like how I used to cram myself into the linen closet when I was a kid for kicks. I didn't have much space to work with, this time, though: one of the many drawbacks to growing up.
    I knew the jig was up and everything, but that didn't keep me from staring petrified up at the three of them as soon as Misa had torn open the closet, sending me tumbling to the floor on my knees. Was this how a rabbit felt when snarling wolves had it backed into the corner?
    The room had suddenly become too hot to bear.
    "Uh…don't mind me." I waved at the three, while my other hand tugged at the collar of my shirt. "Heh-heh, me, I'm just, uhm…coming out of the closet?"
  • In Chapters 4-5 ("Nuisance," "Trapped"), after talking all tough and demanding to see "Ryuga" and "Grandpa's"/Watari's superior...Erin faints when "Ryuga" reveals his true identity as L. L manages to wake her up by splashing cold water into her face.
    "H-hey," I choked, "what'cha trying to do, waterboard me?"
    "She's coming to," announced Ryuga, proceeding to slip the Dum-Dum back into the corner of his mouth.
    "To the contrary, we've been trying to revive you," said Grampa from somewhere behind me.
    "You underwent an acute stress reaction and lost consciousness," said Ryuga, his pasty cheek bulging with the hard candy inside it.
    I was seeing purple and green spots dance all around his face; it certainly could've used all the color it could get. "Wh…Wha…?"
    "You fainted, Miss Blogger," said Grampa, who had a hand on either one of my shoulders, keeping me propped up.
    Once it'd been established that I was awake, Ryuga rose up. "Which I must say, is not the most adaptive coping mechanism…unless, perhaps, you happen to be an opossum." He said it like "oh-possum," not just "'possum."
    • She faints twice in a row in Chapter 20 ("Monster"), when she touches the notebook the task force brings back from Higuchi and sees Rem. Even better, the second time she's revived, she takes L's teapot and throws its contents at Rem! Not that it does anything...
    "The power of Christ compels you!" I cried like one of those hysterical Evangelical priests I'd seen on TV, as I tore off the lid and tossed the piping hot beverage into the thing's direction, while Aizawa and Mogi hastily sidestepped out of the way. I honestly don't know why I thought that would work, somehow. I'd seen those priest guys slap poor saps around on TV with Bibles and stuff in order to "cure them of their demons" and all, and as ugly as those deals usually got, it'd looked like it worked.
    Then again…that was TV. When did TV ever run on the same wavelength as reality? Reality sure did a terrific job running on TV's wavelength, though, if you know what I mean.
    The tea didn't leave a scratch! It sailed right through the thing like it were just sailing through air, or a phantom, before splashing into a great black, hissing puddle on the linoleum behind it.
  • The entirety of Chapter 12 ("Hand"), when the gang attempts a group movie-date.
  • In Chapter 14 ("Stones"), Erin is asked to go in disguise to help Misa distract Yotsuba while Matsuda makes his escape, her reaction to her makeover (which can be summed up as "OMG, I look foxy!" followed up by "OMG, I look fat."). Followed by a frustrated Misa dragging her out of the bathroom.
    Misa: I swear, Elin, you pick the worst times to turn wishy-washy!
    • Before this, Aiber using flattery to push Erin into doing it in the first place.
  • Most of the times Erin gives L a noogie. In Chapter 22 (the Halloween chapter), she gives him one in responds to stealing her Crunch bar (which she was going to share with him anyway).
    Go figure: you try to show a guy some love, and how does he respond? He bogarts your candy bar. He must've swiped it when I was hugging him or something. Didn't I say he would find a way to spoil anything I did? All right, maybe I should've seen that one coming. But still!
    • Near the end of the story, L ends up giving a noogie to Erin, but in that context, it's more poignant than funny...
  • Also in Chapter 22, Erin prank-calls Matsuda, giving him a compliment while pretending to be L. Mysteriously, L's voice gets on the line when Matsuda hangs up to tell her:
    "You are a poor impersonator."
    Erin: GAAAH! Haunted phone!
    • After that, Erin scaring Matsuda with the makeup she'd slapped on for Halloween.
  • The rain scene in Chapter 24 ("Choice"), which is loosely based on the rain scene in the anime, manages to sneak a funny moment into an otherwise very sad one, probably as a Take That to the rain scene itself (even though Light is not in it, though he is mentioned) and its appearance in many DN fanfics. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on your tastes.
    Erin: Boy, aren't you a riot without even trying! Y'know, for a second there, you sounded like you were hinting at death, or something. 'Send not to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee…Right, just like in that poem by that one guy…I forget his name.
    Well, here's a little poetic rebuttal of my own…My friend—h-his name escapes me, too. At any rate, he once said...
    L: 'Dying of the light,' Elin. It's 'dying of the light.' If you're going to quote poetry—
    Erin: Wh-whatever! Look, in layman terms, fuck your bell. You've probably just got tinnitus from everyone yelling in your ear all day, or something. Or this rain, take your pick. Now cut it out and get back inside, bonehead, if you know what's good for ya! Don't make me pull you back in by the ear. I'll do it, if I gotta.

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