Funny / Stargate Equestria

  • One good moment occurs when the SG-1 team and the mane six are meeting Princess Celestia and getting some backstory on Equestria and the Goa'uld. Twilight is laying in the lap of Jackson, who is stroking her back — until she notices Rainbow Dash grinning at her, at which point she quickly gets up and steps away.
  • After the SG-1 folks have helped helped save Ponyville from the Jaffa ponies, the Jaffa surrender. O'Neill notices one with a black eye flinching away from a very smugly satisfied Rainbow Dash.
  • When Teal'c and O'Neill first meet Pinkie Pie, she offers them Cupcakes in her usual wildly enthusiastic fashion. When she leaves, Fluttershy remarks that Pinkie is nice, she's just a little intense. O'Neill's response?
  • Jackson seems to be falling for Twilight Sparkle. O'Neill warns Jackson against falling in love with a local like he did before. Jackson gets a faraway look in his eyes and asks:
    "If both parties are fully sentient, is it really besti—"

    And O'Neill cuts him off fast:
    "Do not finish that sentence, Jackson."
  • When O'Neill asks Pinkie and Applejack what talents Earth Ponies have, Pinkie breaks out into one of her songs. It's a little more raw than you get on the show:
    “I like to party from dusk to dawn
    And it’s so much fun you’ll never yawn
    Lots of apples Jack’ll buck
    Legs so strong you’ll wanna -
    • And then O'Neill stops her and pleads, "Please. For my sanity. Don't sing again."
    • And later on, she sings again with a series of -uck words
      • O'Niell: "How did she avoid F?"