* The "[[http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/File:KIRK_IS_A_JERK.jpg KIRK IS A JERK]]" moment from "The Practical Joker."
** "The Practical Joker" again: the computer has fun ordering Kirk around.
-->'''Computer:''' Say "please."\\
'''Spock:''' Compliance would seem to be the logical response, Captain.\\
'''Kirk:''' ''[from between his teeth]'' ''PLEASE.''\\
'''Computer:''' Say "pretty please with sugar on."
** When the gravity turns off, then on again.
---> '''Scotty''': "Make up yer mind!"
* In the episode "The Jihad", from ''[[TheSpock Spock]]'' no less.
-->'''Em/3/Green:''' We'll all die here!
-->'''Spock:''' A statistical probability.
-->'''Lara:''' You ever quote anything beside statistics, Vulcan?
-->'''Spock:''' Yes, but philosophy and poetry are not appropriate here.
* "Sometimes, Spock, I wish I'd been a librarian."
* "Bem". After being captured and caged by the local LizardFolk:
--> '''Kirk:''' [[LampshadeHanging How come we always end up like this?]]
--> '''Spock:''' I assume that's a rhetorical question, Captain, not requiring an answer.
--> '''Kirk:''' I was just expressing my curiosity at our ability to get into these kinds of situations.
--> '''Spock:''' ''Fate,'' Captain, fate..
--> '''Kirk:''' ''Fate,'' Spock?
--> '''Spock:''' I believe that's the correct Earth term.
--> '''Kirk:''' Well, why don't you try your, uh, Vulcan Nerve Pinch?
--> '''Spock:''' Captain. I am only a Vulcan. There ''are'' limits.
* "More Tribbles, More Troubles" is a CallBack to [=TOS=]'s most hilarious episode, "The Trouble with Tribbles", and introduces a number of new gags:
** Remember when Kirk accidentally sat on a tribble that was in the captain's chair? This time, there is a RunningGag where a large tribble chooses the same spot. Twice, Kirk has to shove it off. [[RuleOfThree The third time]], it's too large to deal with, and he concedes: "I think I'll stand."
** The Klingons use a new weapon to cripple the ''Enterprise'' and prepare it for boarding. So Kirk initiates "Emergency Defense Plan B": [[spoiler:Beam a bunch of huge tribbles onto the Klingon ship. [[CrazyEnoughToWork The tribbles cover the Klingon transporters and generally raise havoc, making the move very effective.]]]] Perhaps the funnier part? It was Spock's idea.
--->'''Spock:''' We could always throw tribbles at them.\\
'''Kirk:''' Spock, I thought Vulcans didn't have senses of humor.\\
'''Spock:''' They don't, Captain.
** Koloth orders Korax to shoot a giant tribble with a disruptor. It explodes into hundreds of little tribbles which bury them.
--->'''Korax:''' Any other orders, sir?\\
'''Koloth:''' Yes. [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain Don't do that again. Ever.]]
** The glommer, a critter that eats tribbles, meets a gigantic one and flees in terror.
** Cyrano Jones insists that he has a right to the glommer under space salvage laws. Scotty points out that space salvage laws only apply in space, not planetary surfaces, but "kindly" offers to beam Jones over to the Klingon ship in order to recover the glommer himself. [[ShuttingUpNow Jones immediately withdraws his claim.]]
** Finally, at the end [=McCoy=] has begun to administer a treatment to the tribbles which keeps them from endlessly reproducing ''or'' forming giant colony balls. Kirk notices one that's up a Jeffries tube and calls attention to it, but he has barely finished speaking when the ball disintegrates into individual tribbles and buries the captain [[ContinuityNod once again]].
--->'''Kirk:''' Some day I'll learn.
* When they were on the planet where thoughts come true and someone thinks it's like "cat and mouse", a giant cat attacks them.
* When the crew start de-aging in an AlternateUniverse where time goes backwards, Kirk and Sulu become teens and Uhura becomes an eight-year-old. Kirk has forgotten the meanings of some sci-fi words and Uhura is crying.
* Kirk explaining to a nebula-ish creature that ate them to, with lack of a better phrase spit them out. It's funny because, well, imagine hearing someone say that to you.
--> '''Kirk''': "We're inside you. You thought we were food."
* When Kirk and Spock turn into aquatic animals and [=McCoy=] tells them he doesn't know how to turn them back.
--> '''Kirk''': "I can't give orders from an aquarium in Sickbay."