Funny / Star Trek: Klingon

There are plenty of great moments in the game, mostly supplied by Robert O'Reilly's ability as a Large Ham. For example...

  • If you do nothing when you are supposed to act, Gowron gets angry. Do it again and he gets even angrier. His reactions get more and more exaggerated the more you piss him off, and it's priceless.
  • If you choose to provoke Gowron when taking the cha'nob gifts, his final face as he pushes you away is ridiculous.
  • If you choose to confront Qua'lon after Torghn's death.
    Qua'lon: Do you challenge me? Here? Over your father's UNMOURNED CORPSE?! [Withdraws his knife]
    Gowron: [Calmly and quietly] I think he meant for you to lead the ritual.
    Qua'lon: [Calms down]
  • The cock-eyed stare Gowron gives you before you leave Tanganiqa It's worth noting that this stare is what gave that asctor the job of Klingon in the first place.
  • The "negotiation" between Gowron and the captain of the Pakled vessel is like something out of Looney Tunes.
    Gowron: You are...Pakled?
    Pakled: Yes, we are Pakled.
    Gowron: Oh, then you have knowledge! You are not stupid.
    Pakled: No, we are not stupid.
    Gowron: Then you will beam over and tell us what we need to know.
    Pakled: Oh, no, no! I'm afraid! I will not beam over.
    Gowron: Why?
    Pakled: You are Klingon; we are Pakled.
    Gowron: I do not understand you, Pakled.
    Pakled: It is difficult to understand.
    Gowron: [Gives a knowing grin to Pok] Then you must come aboard our ship and explain why you are afraid to come aboard.
    Pakled: Yes, I will do that! I will beam over and explain.
    Gowron: are a good negotiator, Captain!
    Pakled: Yes...we are Pakled!
  • If she had equal screentime with Gowron, K'tar would be just as funny.
    K'tar: Someone is going to die, and this is all you care about? A trinket?! Are you Klingon, or FERENGI?!
    • After you attempt to throw Vok out of the lopno, K'tar berates you in her usual fashion...but Vok is so shocked from you disobeying her that all he can do is regain his breath and nod weakly, apparently scared shitless.
  • The two Klingons berating Pok over choosing other meals over gagh.
    • The person who uploaded these videos finds this particular example especially hilarious in that they pronounce gagh as "gock", which is completely wrong.
  • Watch Rick Worthy's face as the Gagh passes in front of him. Is he licking it?
  • Gowron's reaction to the fight to the death over your food.
    Gowron: HA! You're dead.