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* ''Before Dishonor'' as a whole, but anything to do with [[PlutoIsExpendable Pluto in general]].
--> Well, that solves ''that'' dilemma.
* In ''The Kobayashi Maru'', Kirk, Sulu, Scotty, and Chekov are [[LockedInARoom trapped in a crippled shuttlecraft]] and decide to pass the time by telling stories of their runs through The KobayashiMaru test. Kirk explains how he managed to "win" by hacking into the computer the night before and tweaking the code slightly...
-->'''Kirk''':"This is Captain James T. Kirk, of the USS Potemkin. We are on a rescue mission in search of a civilian freighter registered with the United Federation of Planets. We mean no harm, but we will defend ourselves if necessary."
-->'''Klingon''': Captain Kirk? ''[[SpellMyNameWithAThe The]]'' [[ShroudedInMyth Captain Kirk?]]
-->Kirk fought a smile as his bridge crew exclaimed in a single voice, "''The'' Captain Kirk?" The "dead" navigator [[{{Corpsing}} began to laugh.]]
* ''Legends of the Ferengi'' is basically the [[Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy Guide Book]] as rewritten by CMOTDibbler. It never dips below "very funny", but the CMOF has to be the [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan]] description of what happens when TimeTravelForFunAndProfit [[JustForFun/XMeetsY meets]] GambitPileup:
-->''17822 was a ''very'' interesting year on Ferenginar. In that year alone, over twenty thousand Grand Nagi held office; the Ferengi Financial Exchange crashed 3152 times, while setting 12322 record highs; there were 41098 civil wars; an unknown number of Ferengi-incited interstellar wars (estimates are in the millions); and the Ferengi sun went nova at least once a week.\\
In other words, 17822 was the year Ferenginar discovered time travel.''
* The TNG novel ''Q-in-Law'', in which Q and Lwaxana Troi meet. Just the tagline should give you some idea: "Two of the most powerful forces in the galaxy are about to collide..."
** Q learns that he made a [[WhatAnIdiot big mistake]]"
--->'''Riker:''' She's really beating the stuffing out of him. What should we do?\\
'''Worf:''' Sell tickets.
** The B-plot of Wesley's adventures with a [[CuteClumsyGirl "servant"]] he received as a gift. If AmusingInjuries can happen in a non-cartoon setting, this qualified.

* Pretty much every moment with Harry Mudd in the second volume of DC's ''Star Trek'' comic.