Funny / Star Trek: Borg

  • Hitting the wrong code on the turbolift controls will take you on a whirlwind tour of what Q thinks is fun. Like the party deck on deck eleven. Complete with pretty girls in little bikinis and fruity drinks with umbrellas.
    Q: Why? Because I can! Nya ha ha ha ha ha hah!
  • Kicking Q in the "unmentionables". What else can you say?
    • Though punching him in the nose is funny too.
  • Q's reaction to Biraka's smooch on the head.
    Q: (Beat) He kissed me!
  • Some of Q's reactions to you/Qaylan using your tricorder on the Borg who tried to take over the bridge instead of killing it, thus getting yourself and the crew killed.
    "Excuse me, am I mistaken, but isn't there a Borg on the bridge trying to control the ship? What are you going to do? (hits you on head with the tricorder) Scan it to death!?"
  • After Q brings Quint back.
    Quint: Where am I? What's going on? Wait... beat I don't think I want to know.
  • Q and Targus are pretty good together too.
    Targus: (Q/Quint uses a hypospray on her) You could have waited 'till I sat down!
  • Dr. Quint gets a good (if very dark) line in near the beginning.
    Quint: Death in battle; if he were a Klingon, he'd be ecstatic.
  • Q even gets the chance to give The McCoy line.
    Well what did you expect? He's a doctor, not a security officer!
  • If you're really lucky/unlucky, you get the chance to kill Q.
    Q: Oh great. Now I'm dead!
  • This moment:
    Q: THE BORG ARE FIRING! WE'RE GONNA DIE! (sinisterly)... And it's your fault.
  • Q points out Qaylan Sr.'s less honorable traits.
    Q: Oh and by the way, your father cheats.
  • Q sarcastically describing the uses of the tricorder after another failure.
    "Hmmm, this thing is amazing! Did you know it has information on places, systems even people! Look, look at that. Did you know Counselor Biraka was a champion horse jumper?"