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  • FireBatHero is always good for this sort of thing, whether it's his insane victory celebrations or Much turning the tables and humiliating him with a heart made of pylons.
  • In a friendly match between rivals SlayerS_BoxeR and Yellow, Boxer sneaks one of his SCV's up to Yellow's base. A common tactic of Boxer's at the time was building bunkers right outside his opponent's base, trapping them. But instead of a bunker he builds... an Engineering Bay. Then he just leaves it there. When Yellow finds it a few minutes later, you can see a smirk cross his face.
  • This game in which the zerg player mind controls a protoss probe and uses it to create a Nexus belonging to him. Out of that he creates a probe of his own and spells out "lol" with pylons on the map. He proceeds to create protoss units, as a zerg, against his protoss enemy. Ironically, Blizzard added an achievement in the Wings of Liberty custom games called "Zerglot" which is unlocked when the player does exactly this.
  • BratOK and Stephano who play against each other in a professional tournament. Neither of the players want to win, because that would mean going up against a crazy good player called Sen. As a result both players do impossibly funny implausible builds in attempts to lose.
    TotalBiscuit: "Whatever the case, we've got BratOK going for the Starport here, which could of course be very very indicative of the fact that Stephano has built his Hatchery in his opponent's natural."
    Apollo: "Ehh, this is a pretty... standard build, you know, Stephano..."
    in-auditorium crowd begins laughing
    • Then the way the game ends:
    BratOK: "gg gl"note 
    Stephano: "NO!"
    * BratOK* has left the game.
  • In Day Nine Daily #237, a player named Armad gets his base constantly Nydus'd. In a moment of panic, he lifts up his entire base and tries to relocate to a safe expansion, only to find that the Zerg is everywhere he goes. In the end, he sets up a circle of Barracks in the center of the maps, only to get completely overrun by the Zerg and losing the game.
  • CellaWerra's 13 gate build, commentated by Husky Starcraft "Why I am need 13 gateway?"
    • To explain, what his ally meant by a "13 Gate" is to obtain 13 probes before building ONE gateway, but CellaWerra, who had little experience playing Protoss, mistook it as actually building 13 Gateways. To top off the humor, CellaWerra actually WON. Though, it's just as likely that he purposely misinterpreted his partners advice just for the fun of it.
  • CellaWerra's rendition of Rihanna's Umbrella.
  • Poor Idra. note 
  • Not all SC2 folks take themselves seriously, though. Husky vs. Spanishiwa. The first in what is likely to be an epic series of games wherein Husky Starcraft gets his ass kicked by pro gamers.
  • In this battle, KHB (Protoss) is fighting Artosis (Terran). At one point, it looks like Artosis' Marine/Marauder mix is about to severely decimate KHB's base when KHB rushes out a Mothership and proceeds to completely turn the tables on his opponent. Artosis was utterly flabbergasted.
    Artosis: what
  • HOLY F%&$ING TALKING FISH BATMAN!! by the folks at Life's A Glitch TV. note 
  • WhiteRa quotes. WhiteRa is an old school player originating from the StarCraft Brood War days and is currently playing Starcraft II at the age of 30 while married. He's also from the Ukraine, speaks some English, and is one of the most loved, well-mannered players.
    • "make expand and then defense it". Which has reached Memetic Mutation levels, where WhiteRa defenses everything.
    • "speshal taktics". Which is code-named for everything from unorthodox Protoss strategies, typically involving Warp Prisms, to WhiteRa's method of delivering a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick.
  • Another one from the guys from Life's A Glitch TV... what happens if you don't scout your opponent's base properly. To wit: a Protoss player catches what he thinks is a scouting SCV leaving its base, when in fact the SCV had circled around from the top of the map and managed to avoid being seen by the Protoss player's scouting Probe until then. Cue the Protoss player Cannon rushing an empty expansion.
  • This insane match between CatZ (Zerg) and XionS (Protoss) managed to completely befuddle Husky despite his own Seen It All mentality toward Starcraft games. CatZ mutated a whopping 63 Spore Crawlers in the first portion of the match, then later used an Infestor to control a Probe, build a Nexus, and then start making his own Protoss units. CatZ ended up having a very long Structures tab (due to having made both Zerg and Protoss buildings) and a bunch of Tempests, Void Rays and High Templar mixed in with all his Zerg units. By the last 10 minutes of the game, Husky was reduced to commenting on how at a loss for words he was over the utter craziness he was witnessing.
    Husky: So he's going the rather standard Tempest/Swarm Host build....
  • BRONZE LEAGUE HEROES! hosted by Husky. It brings you the best of the worst.
  • The finals of the O'gaming nation wars match between Snute and Titan. After an already long first match, the second match is a solid hour of "how the hell is this happening". Notable moments include Snute killing fifteen void rays with nothing but Swarm Hosts and Queen transfuses, the insane persistence of Titan, and once it starts to break them down, TotalBiscuit and Day Nine's nonsensical, rambling commentary after a point, ending in TB just turning off the music and playing a jazz remix of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. main themes. Here's an abridged version, if you don't want to sit through the whole hour.
  • Scarlett, one of the best Zerg players in the world, finds herself up against a GSL champion in DongRaeGu. She decides to win a tournament match... as Protoss. No one can believe it. Especially when she wins.
  • One particular 4-player map "Metalopolis", is set in Korhal and, surprise surprise, there's yet another Mengsk statue just sitting in the middle. It invariably gets destroyed.