Funny / Stalag 17

  • All of Shapiro and Animal's antic's, including:
    • A mouse race where their chosen mouse spends half the run chasing his tail. And if they had gone with Animal's choice, they would have won.
    • After consuming Sefton's moonshine, Shapiro asks if he's trying to poison them. Sefton brushes Shapiro off saying that the concoction won't make them go blind. Animal, depressed over "losing" Betty Grable, covered his eyes with his hat before drinking the moonshine. Upon hearing he shouldn't go blind, he is screaming that he's gone blind.
    • Shapiro and Animal's trip to the women's bathhouse.
    • Shapiro trying to get Animal out of his depression over Betty Grable by dressing as a woman. It works a little too well, as Animal starts hallucinating and thinks Shapiro is Betty Grable.
      • Then Animal invites Shapiro to a dance, and starts waxing lyrical about how hot Betty Grable is. Cue Shapiro being brought around to face the camera, with an utterly horrified expression.
  • The indoctrination sequence, where the prisoners all don Hitler mustaches to surprise Schulz and Shultz saying one Hitler is enough in response. Then there is Marco's thoughts on the matter:
    "In the words of Uberst von Scherbach, 'Now that the German victory is in sight, all American prisoners are to be indoctrinated with the teachings of the Führer', unquote. In my own words: *belch*, unquote."
  • Animal suggesting that instead of filling up the escape tunnel, they plug it up using Scherbach and Schulz instead.
  • The volleyball scene where they manage to get a guard to join in on the game.
  • This exchange at the end, after Sefton's plan to get Dunbar out succeeds...
    Duke: What do you know, the crud did it!
    Shapiro: I'd like to know what made him do it.
    Animal: Maybe he just wanted to steal our wire cutters. You ever think of that?
  • The tea service, with perfect table manners, made with three dunks of a used tea bag.