Funny / Squid Girl
aka: Shinryaku Ika Musume

If you don't want to read the manga or watch the anime, then you could always read this instead.
  • Sanae's infatuation with Ika reaches hilarious levels many times. She even ships herself to the Lemon Beach House, inside a box with no holes on it, and dresses in a giant shrimp costume with no way to breathe.
    • The costume shows up again later, when Ika needs to get over her shrimp craving sickness, without actually eating any. Let's just say Sanae was very happy with the results.
    • Later still, Ika herself ends up in a cute version of the costume as she attempts to learn the "way of shrimp".
  • "Squid Fishing" in episode 3. Just when Nagisa's thinking there's no way Ika would fall for such a thing...
  • Oh god, the drum solo...
  • Episode 5.1, when Takeru's describing what aliens drink. Talk about Getting Crap Past the Radar...
  • Can't sleep, Creepy Doll will eat me...
  • Ika versus the cobra.
    • One fansub even goes so far as to write "Come at me, bro!" during Ika's showdown with it!
  • Chapter 122: GODZILLA SQUISHED OUR HOU-wait, wasn't this supposed to be a drama?
  • Observe what happens when you give Eiko a camera.
  • The volleyball tournament in Episode 12 barely gives you time to breathe between gags, as every single recurring character has an Establishing Character Moment!
  • Season two of the anime opens with Ika Comically Missing the Point of an Alien Invasion movie.
  • Being a wholly original specimen, Ika's countless mysterious functions are revealed one by one and you just laugh not because they make sense but because they don't make sense! E.g.: She can adjust her body weight by a few clicks of her right bracelet, and when she's light enough, she's able to absorb the wind! ...yes, she can fly.
  • Ika Musume doing radio exercises. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Sanae's (mis)understanding of her "special" relationship with Ika in the tenth episode.
  • The English lesson in S2 E4.1, especially Eiko's attempt at bluffing like she knows English as well as everyone else (including Ika).
  • "I just wanted to feel something that's supposed to be there, but isn't-de geso."
  • Ika, and eventually Eiko, Kiyomi, and Sanae, getting roped into playing house with a little girl ... who watches too many television dramas. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Ika Musume meets Mini Ika Musume.
  • So it's been established that Ayumi generally can't talk to other human beings properly. With chapter 212, she can now talk to Chizuru.
    "I've thought this before, but you're not human, are you Chizuru-san?"
  • All hail Dark Lord Ika-sama!
  • Chapter 149 has Ika becoming a referee and going around handing out yellow cards to people all over the beach. This leads to an unexpected card battle with Chizuru.
  • In Season 1 Episode 3.1, this exchange:
    Eiko: Oh! There she is.
    Goro (shirtless): Bring it on, dead guys!
    Eiko: Whoops. That's actually the ghost of some dead soldier.
    Goro (after his priceless scream): STOP DOING THAT!!!
  • Goro saves Ika from drowning in episode 2, which puzzles Eiko.
    Eiko: Hey, wait, how exactly is a squid supposed to drown?
    Ika: Well, I squidn't do any warm-up exercises like I should've.
    Eiko: (stands utterly dumbfounded)
  • In chapter 201, everyone's scarecrow:
    • Kiyomi tried to make a scarecrow, but ended up only finishing the head in time. Ditto for Isozaki, except he could only make the body. The two combine their parts together, leading to a badass, muscular wrestler-like body with a cute teddy bear head. Eiko notes it's intimidating in its own way.
    • Mr. Tokita's scarecrow is a horrifying fusion between his trademark fake Ikas and a collection of things crows hate, including a giant eye for the head and fake crow corpses hanging from the waist.
    • Chizuru's scarecrow is the figure of a camouflaged soldier with a sniper rifle, though Eiko notes that since it can hardly be seen, it defeats the purpose of a scarecrow.
    • The Three Stooges' scarecrow looks normal, but is designed to fry anything on sight with a flamethrower. TWhich includes everyone, since they're in the middle of the field. Everyone hightails it out of there, except for Chizuru who jumps towards the scarecrow, and busts it offpanel.
    • Ika didn't even get the chance to show her own scarecrow, which is just a makeshift contraption made out of plastic bottles and cups.

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