Funny / Spyro the Dragon (1998)

  • Most dragons will give you tips, advice, comedy, or a mixture of any of them. However, 12 of them (or 15% of them, and yes, someone counted) just say "Thank you for releasing me!" and just leave.
  • The game's introduction which features an elder dragon interviewed by an unseen dragon and he can't remember the exact number of gems scattered around the worlds. Funny as it sounds, it's actually giving a clue about the total number of gems counting the bonus level. Then he is interrupted by another dragon who is describing Gnasty Gnorc as a harmless and ugly creature.
  • "Yeah, well, you could've found an easier place to get stuck!" (Even Spyro hates Tree Tops!)
  • "Be on the look out for attack frogs! They're cold blooded killers!"
  • "A wise dragon once told me 'Aim high in life, but watch out for flying boxes.'"
  • You gotta believe!
  • The foot soldiers in the "Peace Keepers" world who moon at you when you burn their tent up.