Funny / Spy Kids

  • Not really part of the movie but in theaters before the third movie actually started (And when viewing the 3D version of the movie on the original DVD release and the 2012 Blu-Ray) Floop talked to you for a while about the glasses, and at one point says this:
    Floop: (Getting faster as he goes along) Now, if your eyes get tired during the movie, take the glasses off, run out to the concession stand, purchase an extra large popcorn and an extra large drink, come back in the theater, put your glasses back on and voilà! You just spent 35 dollars!
  • "Now picking your nose."
  • That moment you realize Machete is canon to these movies, in a meta CMOF.
  • After Juni accidentally handcuffs himself to the metal briefcase, Carmen tells him to knock it against something to get it off. Cue him throwing it against the wall and it coming back to hit him, while Carmen continues to read without reacting to him being hit.
  • This exchange:
    Ms. Gradenko: I owe my new look to your children.
    Gregario Cortez: Remind me to raise their allowance.
  • After Floop reprograms the kids so that they know good from wrong, they charge past the Cortezes and Machete, grab Ms. Gradenko, Mr. Lisp, and Minion and begin tossing them up and down.
    Mr. Lisp: Minion! Tell them to put me down!
    Minion: Their mind is a mirror! Anything we tell them goes in one ear and out the other!
  • When the head of the OSS is about to begin his speech in the second movie, the president's daughter leaves the dance floor. The way the masses of bodyguards shuffle sideways with her in perfect sync is hilarious.
  • The Guy's death scene in the third movie. He's introduced as The Ace, is played by Elijah Wood, gives our heroes a Rousing Speechthen is blasted by lightning and loses all 99 of his lives at once.
    Guy: Cake.
  • The climax of the second film; specifically, Gertie's The Starscream moment.
    Gertie: Just wait until mom hears you tried to Take Over the World again!
    Donogan: No! Don't tell your mother!
  • Carmen and Juni falling for several hours in second film.
    Carmen: How long have we been falling?
    Juni: (looks at watch) I don't know. My watch doesn't tell time.
    Carmen: Best guess.
    Juni: I'd say about three hours.
    Carmen: Feels like four.